330 Million Dollars New Investment from SASA Polyester

SASA Polyester started working on purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and fibre investments. SASA Polyester Board Member Mehmet Şeker announced that they started preparations to build a new fiber facility with an annual capacity of 367,500 tons.

330 Million Dollars New Investment from SASA Polyester

Mehmet Şeker, SASA Polyester Board Member 

Mehmet Şeker said that this facility will be put into operation at the same time as the 935 million dollar PTA facility they have agreed with the American company Invista (Koch Industries). The new fiber production facility will make an annual contribution of 550 million dollars to the company’s turnover.

Production will start in 2023

Stating that production in PTA and fiber facilities will start in 2023, Şeker gave the following information: “The production of SASA, which is 1.4 million tons, will reach 3 million tons with PTA production and 3.5 million tons with this final fiber production. Therefore, this facility will meet to need of Turkey, this region, Europe, Russia and North Africa.

We currently employ approximately 4 thousand 250 people. With the commissioning of the two facilities, the number of employees will increase to over 6 thousand. Şirketin cirosu 3,5 milyar doları aşacak ve bu da hammadde fiyatlarına bağlı.”

Next target; To produce the raw material of polyester

The next goal of SASA is to produce the raw material of polyester. Mehmet Şeker said that they are waiting for the land in Yumurtalık district to be allocated for this. Şeker said, “With the 12 billion dollar investment we will realize in the 2030s, we will become a company that will compete with China, which meets the polyester need from Africa to the American continent.”