Aim of Devsan Company; Business Growth and R&D Investment

Devsan Company, which has been producing warp preparation machinery and creels since its establishment in 1990, provides services in a wide geography from Vietnam to the Republic of South Africa. Devsan, the manufacturer of Turkey's first cone sectional warping preparation machine with servo motor, aims to continue its technology investments.

Aim of Devsan Company; Business Growth and R&D Investment

Devsan Company, which has been producing warp preparation machinery for a quarter of a century, has started to produce in all machine models that have changed over time.  Cone sectional warping  preparation machines, serial warping machines before hot sizing for cotton and raw fabrics, and creel preparation systems are included in Devsan’s standard product range.

Provides Industry 4.0 Support to Its Customers

In today’s production, where topics such as automation, Industry 4.0, and data tracking are very up-to-date, Devsan company uses technological industrial equipment and provides support to its customers in Industry 4.0 and in-house data tracking applications with its strong engineering team. In addition to commercial growth and development, investment in engineering, R&D, and personnel training are among the long-term goals of the company.

All of the design, mechanical, assembly, and automation production steps are completed within the company. Rapid technical service and after-sales support are provided conveniently in this way.

The Choice of Domestic Textile Manufacturers: Prusa

The new generation Cone sectional warping  preparation machine, namely Prusa, which is offered by Devsan company to its customers in 2016, quickly gained appreciation among them. Prusa has made a name for itself as a highly technological product with the features of ease of use, routing, and prevention of errors that may occur in warping, which it offers to the operator. With these features, it has become the choice of our domestic textile manufacturers against foreign company machinery in the market. In today’s competitive conditions, the Prusa series, which makes a serious contribution to our country’s economy, have two different models, PRO (Professional) and STD (standard). The PRO model consists of two separate bodies that can be measured and adjusted automatically, creel yarn tension, laser-measured automatic pillow adjustment feature, warp, and transfer. The STD model, on the other hand, has a pillow adjustment system that can be modified according to the prescription.

Both models feature bodies processed on CNC machines, hydraulic brake stop devices, Siemens PLC, and motion control equipment. Compatible working between warping units and creel systems is easily achieved.

Serial warping machines for hot sizing are included in the product range of Devsan. Different machines are produced from 1.80 meters to 2.80 meters wide. Hard paper printing drum, compact hydraulic unit, and advanced automation equipment are among the standard features of the unit.

In addition to customer visits, Devsan will also attend the ITM-2022/Istanbul and ITMA-2023/Milano exhibitions, as in the past.