Asteks, By Half A Century Experience, Grows Both In Domestic and International Markets!

Asteks Kauçuk ve Plastik San. Tic. A.Ş. established in 1970 producing rubber technology products, cots and aprons, for spinning factories, has been growing year by year. The company has been servicing to partners in the sector along with its innovative products in not only cots and aprons used in textile but also in rol shop equipment and paper printing rolers segment.

Asteks, By Half A Century Experience, Grows Both In Domestic and International Markets!

Asteks, offering innovative and quality products, high efficiency and cost savings, is one of the leading domestic and leading manufacturers. Utilizing and sharing this long experience and remarkable success in international markets it has been rapidly growing in export markets. Asteks exports from continent America to Far East, from Mid-Asia to Africa and to Europe takes place in increasing quantity year by year.


Asteks, paying very big attetion on the sustainable grwoth startegies, aims and plans to carry out its domestic market leading position gained via the reliability established by the long experience, corporate vision and mission on to further level growth areas in international export markets. In export, doule digits grwoth could be achieved extending positive contribution to both country’s recent trade deficite problems and the burdens with the internal dynamics in growth.

The firm, which sets developing international export markets as strategical target, is also developing itself fundemantally, in that respect.

Asteks, as the only local and national sucessful company in its field, by the initiation set, by the innovative-reliable products both in rubber technology and cots grinding processes and automation solution, will always continue both to contribute to increase the competitiveness of its domestic customers and partners in inetrnational ground and to grow the market share in export markets supported by the experience, sucess and confidence gained in domestic market.


It continues on the contribution in maintaining the efficiency and quality in textile production ,what is the main foundation of its existence and stability for 50 years, through its innovative and high technology solutions developed for spinning factories. The wide product range ,that can offer very good performance in all spinning application with both natural and man-made fibres, meets the customers’ expectation in full satisfaction.

As the result of effort in solution setting for the customers who have requested help on cots grinding processes utilizing Asteks’s long experience on the field of treating and finishing cots, the cots grinding machinery designing has been turned in to commercial bussiness supported by the customers’ praise on Asteks’s relability set over the years.