Asteks Closed 2021 with Approximately 50 Percent Growth

Exporting to more than 25 countries, the primary goal of Asteks is to increase its export share in total turnover. The company, which made investments in this direction, received its return with the growth in export results every year. Asteks Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin stated, “We expect to close 2021 with a growth of approximately 50%.”

Asteks Closed 2021 with Approximately 50 Percent Growth

We interviewed with Asteks Export Markets Sales Manager Taner Engin for the special issue of “Turkish Textile Machinery Industry” of our Textile Technology magazine. Stating that they are looking forward to the ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will bring the textile machinery industry together after a long break, Engin expressed the following statements, ‘‘In ITM 2022, which we are waiting for with excitement, we plan to introduce our new model cots grinding machine 401-SF&M, which we could not make the exhibition premiere due to the pandemic conditions, aiming to demonstrate to a wider user profile throughout the whole world.’’

How was the year 2021 for your company, especially if you evaluate it in terms of exports, production capacity and employment?

As Asteks, we export to more than 25 countries. Increasing the share of exports in our total turnover is one of our primary goals and we have made investments in this direction. We are reaping the fruits of the investment with the growth in export results every year. With the increase in demand both in the domestic and international markets, our textile machinery business has reached the highest turnover of all time. We expect to close 2021 with a growth of around 45-50%. We also have further investment considerations to reach even higher levels in exports. As sales volumes increase, production capacity and thus structural growths that will provide these increased capacities are also come in to consideration. We are also growing structurally.

‘‘We Want to Grow Stronger in Latin America and Middle-Far East Asia Geographies’’

What kind of a roadmap did you come up with in the face of the new order being voiced, are there new markets in your target?

Asteks produces rubber-based products called cots and aprons, which are mainly used in yarn production units in the textile industry, and rectification machines used in the maintenance and service of these products. The company also offers rubber-based printing rollers used in the paper printing industry.

We are persistent in our goal of increasing the share of exports in our total turnover and we strive not to miss opportunities in this direction. In the new period, it was observed that the demand increased in every segment in the general framework and this increase is expected to continue. We have started to run the structuring processes in order to adapt to the increase in demand and we plan to make these processes more effective with new projects and applications.

One of our important agendas is to minimize the negative effects of increases in almost all input costs and high volatility in financial-economic parameters and to place productivity-enhancing practices that will support competitiveness by differentiating under difficult conditions in our production lines.

On the other hand, we develop innovative products that have a high cost-benefit balance, which is one of our most fundamental strategies, and that, with these features, will bring customer satisfaction to higher levels and create a distinctive significance in international competition.

Our search for product diversity and efficiency continues to increase in the market direction. We want to grow stronger in Latin America and Middle-Far East Asia geographies.

‘‘Our 401-SF&M Cots Grinding Machine Reached a Strong Order In-Take and Sales Volume in A Short Time’’

During the pandemic period, many companies focused on R&D and developing new technologies. What new products and technologies have you developed in this period? What will be the gains of these products for the textile machinery industry?

In order to achieve our target of sustainable growth, we continued our efforts to create positive value in terms of both innovative product presentation and competitive commercial and service conditions by focusing on R&D and P&D studies with additional investments.

The current result of these efforts is our new model cot grinding machine 401-SF&M, which offers high flexibility, high capacity, and rich functionality without compromising quality with its optimized design.

401-SF&M is a new generation cots grinding machine with an Smart Feeding system and two independent grinding units. With the optimized original design, the 401-SF&M offers an automation capacity that combines functionality and simplicity in cots grinding work. At the same time, with its superior features, it enables yarn manufacturers to save both investment and operating costs significantly.

With two grinding units working simultaneously and independently on the Asteks 401-SF&M cots grinding machine, spinning mills can handle more work in less time. In the second grinding unit of 401-SF&M, the grinding of long cots for draw frames and combing machine is carried out ideally, while the grinding of short cots for ring spinning and roving frames  continues fully automatic in the other independent unit. In conventional cots grinding machines, in such cot type changes, the machine must be stopped and adjustments must be made afterward. This leads to a loss of time and efficiency. While these losses are eliminated with 401-SF&M, new advantages of an ideal grinding system are gained for yarn manufacturers. Moreover, with the high-capacity smart feeding system, large numbers of top roller can be processed without the need for manual feeding.

The new 401-SF&M grinding machine offers a solution to an important need of spinning mills. In the smart feeding system, while the grinding process of the ring spinning frames and roving machine cots continues, at the same time, the other grinding unit can grind the draw frame and comber cots. When two independent systems in the same chassis work simultaneously, neither time nor efficiency is lost. Considering the increasing costs, this offers a great advantage.

Thanks to the Smart Feeding System with the Chamber, all the short top rollers are poured into the chamber without the need for individual alignment and the process starts automatically. In addition to this feature that saves time and labor, the Automatic Grinding System automatically grinds the cots coming from the feeding chamber without physical intervention.

In addition, the Laser Diameter Measurement System prevents errors in the grinding process. This system grinds the cots in the outer diameter dimensions specified by the user while discarding the cots outside these dimensions. While this separation, which takes place without entering the grinding process, does not reduce the efficiency of the machine, delays and malfunctions that may occur due to incorrect measurements are also prevented.

The 401-SF&M grinding machine provides an easy operation with its Touch Screen Control Panel. Through the control panel with different language options, all machine management and settings such as the amount of pass to be removed from the cot, the traverse moving (lateral movement) speed of the stone, the polishing time of the stone can be easily carried out. Moreover, the PLC Automation System makes it possible to customize all operating settings on-demand.

Although the 401-SF&M is relatively new to the market, it has already achieved a strong order in-take and sales volume. During the year, 401-SF&M was preferred in almost all of the projects realized in Turkey and in most of the yarn production investments made in Uzbekistan and Pakistan. User companies both in Turkey and abroad express their actual working satisfaction. We believe that 401-SF&M will continue to increase the success that it has already achieved and will spread to geographies such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Latin America, where we continue our intensive communication.

As a company, do you have new investments on your agenda in the near future? Can you please elaborate on your expectations and your goals for 2022?

Every year, we set new targets for growth. Within the framework of this sustainable growth motto, we are determined to further expand our textile machinery business. Our main target in 2022 will be to ensure the continuity of growth.

Investing in every field necessary to support our sustainable growth strategy is already one of our usual company reflexes. Therefore, our investments will continue to increase both capacity and R&D – P&D development and productivity and efficiency.

As a producer with a domestic and national character, it is our basic expectation that our production opportunities and conditions are encouraged and supported by state incentives and initiatives within a similar framework of country policies, with solid platforms that have sustainability and less volatility.

‘‘We Will Launch Our 401-SF&M Cots Grinding Machine at ITM 2022’’

As you know, 2022 will also be the year of the ITM Exhibition. Could you please share with us your views on the gains of the ITM Exhibition, which will bring the textile machinery industry together after a long break?

The deep and devastating effect of the pandemic disrupted exhibition events in almost all markets around the world. We missed the exhibition events, which are one of the most important means for manufacturers to meet with a wide variety of end-users, interact with market players, and find the opportunity to refresh ourselves. We look forward to the ITM 2022, which has become one of the top international organizations in its region and field. We think that it will be an event that will contribute to the industry more than ever, with the potential accumulated by the long intervening period. We believe that the ITM organization will fulfill the requirements at the highest level with its long experience from the past in order to create high efficiency and contribution in this direction.

Do you have any new products or new technologies that you plan to exhibit at ITM 2022?

At ITM 2022, which we are excitedly waiting for, we are planning to introduce our new model cots grinding machine 401-SF&M, which we could not make its premiere due to the pandemic conditions, to the whole world to a wider user profile. Next to 401-SF&M, we will be exhibiting our products developed with advanced technology.

Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI