Asteks Ease the ‘Load’ of Mills with AGV

Developed by Asteks, AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle reduce the labour in semi or end products transportation within the mill, while increasing the efficiency and quality of work. Compatible with the Industry 4.0 concept, this automation device also prevents man-related accidents in the transportation.

Asteks Ease the ‘Load’ of Mills with AGV

With a history of 50 years in apron, cots and production technologies, Asteks does not only add strength to the textile industry with their innovative solutions. The 101- AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle, on what the company has a long-standing R&D period, has achieved successful results both in-house and in the mills of major textile manufacturers.

Commercially available for sale to the market, AGV provides automation that minimizes the need in man power on transporting the goods in the mill.

The AGV operates automatically without man attendance, and carries or pulls loads weighing between 2 and 4 tons. AGV, which is appealing to many industries with this carrying capacity, can be programmed with its advanced software and can perform stop and continue operations at the designated stations. Being already in use in Turkey’s leading textile companies, AGV proved to meet the required qualifications in transporting yarn and fabric along the designated line. AGV, that acts as a smart load carrier in the mill, can turn around 360 degrees and in  a narrow space. For the opera- tion of AGV, it is sufficient to have a line as good space as to the width of the load and the trolley. The AGV follows the magnetic line, and stops automatically with audible and light warning systems when it encounters an obstacle, thus preventing accidents.


The AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle is one of the best optimum solution for on-site goods transportation in all sites having not bad floor conditions. It has a height of 610 mm, a width of 760 mm and a depth of 1,210 mm, can draw load weighing up to 4 tons with its minimalist design. The secret of AGV’s power is based on its AC motor and inverter technology. AGV vehicles, that guarantee long lasting performance despite the short charging time, have the compatibility of working individually or as a group.

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri İlknur reminded that they have launched the AGV at ITM 2018, and said they give importance to automatic guided vehicles.

Explaining that the vehicle has been used for 5-6 years in ASTEKS’ own production facility, İlknur stated that they received positive feedback with successful results in the factories in where they have installed it.


Hakan Mercan ,who is the Technical Director of Turkey’s one of the best established textile enterprises, Küçükçalık Tekstil, said that the AGV vehicle is installed on their dyeing and finishing house in July 2018. Mercan; “Installation was completed in a very short time. As the vehicle’s travel path was determined and a sheet metal was set up along this path. AGV follows these metal paths with the help of sensors.” Mercan said the path is about 400 meters in length; “With the AGV vehicle, fabrics that are opened on top fabric opening machines are transported from here to washing machines. After washing, we use AGV to transport the fabrics to the stenter and printing sections.” According to Mercan, the biggest advantage of the AGV vehicle is its long battery life, he said even at very busy working conditions, they can easily use it 3 days without recharging. Mercan gave the following information; “The AGV is re-charged rapidly in a very short time. Even though the vehicle is receiving its energy from the batteries, it can convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) and work with 220V AC. Inverter motors have significantly longer charge usage time. With AGV we save time and reduce labour.”


Sabri İlknur explained that AGV have been first introduced to ASTEKS’ existing ordinary business field, textile companies, and expressed that the successful results here constitute a strong reference for other industries.

İlknur said; “We are in talks with domestic and foreign companies for sales. It was developed not only for a single industry but also for the logistics needs of all different types of industries. We see a good potential for AGV particularly in Turkey”.