Autefa Solutions Leads The Way

Autefa Solutions represents companies with a long tradition and a history of years of successful participation in the market. Combining the experience of the companies AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR and Strahm the company stands for high quality, durability and performance made in Europe.

Autefa Solutions Leads The Way

The Turkish nonwovens market covers almost all application fields. Typical applications of needle-punched nonwovens are the production of artificial leather, automotive felts, carpets and carpet backings, insulation materials for thermal and noise insulation, geotextiles, industrial wipes and technical felts.

Customers request solutions for energy saving due to higher energy costs, for minimizing down-time due to breakdowns and for decreasing maintenance costs. There is also an increasing product quality demand. Autefa Solutions nonwovens lines meet customers’ requirements for quality web formation, bonding, active weight regulation and minimal maintenance.

Giacomo Meucci, Regional Sales Director: Autefa Solutions explains: “Autefa Solutions leads the way for nonwoven lines – is our credo. As a full line supplier for cardedcrosslapped needlepunch lines, spunlace lines and  thermobonding lines we offer a wide product range for the nonwovens sector, including fiber preparation, carding, needling, thermobonding, hydroentanglement, drying as well as end-of-line equipment. The customer today is more demanding and requires lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). “ The mayor nonwoven industry trends of high productivity paired with low maintenance cost and high flexibility for various nonwovens products increase the demand for top quality machines from Autefa Solutions. The Web Master FUTURA card is developed and designed for high production speeds with a special focus to improve the cost factor of maintenance.

The different modules of the card, means feeding group, main cylinder, transfer group and doffers, are each placed on a separate carriage. The carriages are connected to each other and form a “train” which allows easy and full access for cleaning and maintenance. The crosslapper Topliner in combination with Web Profile Control WebMax is the key to the web quality. The crosslapper Topliner optimizes the CV- value which leads to significant reduction of material costs. The two drafting zones of the WebMax ensure a slight predraft and a precise draft of the web in the second drafting zone.

This is of special importance to guarantee constant quality at high production output with all raw material types. Autefa Solutions offers a wide product range including Stylus single- and double-board needle looms, tandem needle looms, velour-, structuring and patterning needle looms as well as needle looms for paper maker felts. Needle Looms for fabrics and needle looms for glass fibers insulation matts were requested by customers. Customers like the extremely reliable and robust Stylus series (from 1 m up to 16 m working widths). The advantage of the design offers vibration free running, needle densities up to 30000 needles per meter and highest production due to stroke frequencies up to 3000 rpm in continuous operation.

Autefa Solutions offer innovative solutions for the processing and recycling of carbon-, glass-, aramid- and natural fibers. Since 2010 the company is concerned with the reutilization of recycled carbon fibers to carbon fiber nonwovens and has already successfully placed production lines in the market.