Benjamin Reiners: We Will Increase Our Investments in 2019

Germany-based ring and traveler manufacturer Reiners+Fürst (R+F) continues to develop its Turbo rings especially for Compact and Siro yarns.

Benjamin Reiners: We Will Increase Our Investments in 2019

The brand Reiners + Fürst stands worldwide for spinning rings and ring travelers , which meet the highest quality standards, with a top price-performance ratio – made in Germany. Its forth generation family business enables them to plan for the long term, combined with the ability to make important decisions at short notice.

We as Tekstil Teknoloji magazine made an interview with Reiners+Fürst Managing Director Benjamin Reiners for “Germany Special Edition.” Reiners that told spinning ring and travelers recent investments evaluated Turkey’s market. Bejamin Reiners said that, “Despite a most probable decline of the markets in 2019 we will keep our high level of investments at the same level as before, rather even slightly higher.”

Reiners+Fürst is one of the companies with a tradition of exceeding 4 generations. What is the secret of this long-term success? How do you explain your philosophy?

As a family-owned company we think in generations – not short-term quarterly reports etc. Our decisions are based on what is best for the next many years to come. Our customers reward this philosophy with trust and loyalty – for many of our customers are family companies as well.

For ring spinning mills, spinning rings and ring travellers is very important. What are the key features of Reiners + Fürst that distinguishes the spinning rings and the ring travellers  from their competitors?

R+F is the sole producer of rings and travellers who has the complete production process in house, therefore quality control and consistency are at the highest level. Steadily improvements as well as new developments according to market needs!

What do you pay attention to while making technology investments in order to increase your competitiveness and maintain your quality, what are your criteria?

As I mentioned above – the main criteria is what is best for the next generation instead of short-term profit. We invest in leading technology to set highest quality standards and at the same time focus on well-educated and proud employees who understand what is most important for our customers.


You are one of the world’s leading suppliers of spinning rings and ring travellers. If you assess in terms of export markets what is the importance of Turkey for your company? How is the demand of Turkish companies to your products? What are your most demanded products?

Turkey is among the 5 most important Textile markets for R+F worldwide! The demand from Turkey is continuously growing for our products, due to our high technical expertise and individual service we are offering to our customers in Turkey.

Can you give us information about your market share in Turkey?

The overall market share for R+F in Turkey has reached up to 40% during the past years and we are very confident that it will grow even further during the coming years.

Could you tell us about your worldwide sales and support network and the countries you export?

We export to 80-90 countries of the world – for many, many years. In each market we have agencies who exclusively take care of our customers. In the main markets such as Turkey we provide considerable stock of ring travellers to deliver short delivery times. Our market share in Turkey is among the highest world-wide besides Pakistan. In India we have the highest market share of all imported ring and travellers.


What does innovation and R & D mean for Reiners + Fürst? Can we listen to your work in this area?

R&D is the basis for innovation and therefore the driving force for us in order to ahead – with a large benefit for our customers. Only if the processes in the ring spinning mills are improved by our products we secure our goal to hand over R+F to ne next generation. For Reiners + Fürst, sustainability is one of the most important criteria.

What kind of steps did you take for sustainability? What are the projects you plan to do next?

We all live in one world – so also for R+F as is for anyone else it is important to care for our joint environment. This has lead us to invest into energy saving heating system, lighting and solar energy. Alsoduring investment processes sustainability is a key factor for our decisions. At the same time we constantly analyze our processes in terms of waste and pollution. We are almost paperless, we nearly produce no plastic waste and – as a nice side-effect – our long lasting spinning ring TURBO helps to reduce CO2 as compared to spinning rings with less service life.

Can you give information about your 2019 targets and investments?

Despite a most probable decline of the markets in 2019 we will keep our high level of investments at the same level as before, rather even slightly higher. We are very much looking forward to meeting a lot of customers and friends at ITMA in Barcelona/Spain. Everyone is invited to come to our booth (H7- A206)!

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı