Biancalani Offers a Wide Range of Products with Washing, Drying and Softening Machines

Biancalani Textile Machinery, active together with the well-known AIRO all-purpose washing drying and softening machine, and with the line of milling machines for woollen fabric such as IDRA & MILLA, offers a complete range of continuous open-width finishing solutions which can perfectly fit even the most demanding production need: AQUARIA®, AIRO® 24, AIRBOX and BRIO® 24.

Biancalani Offers a Wide Range of Products with Washing, Drying and Softening Machines

AQUARIA® is an open-width continuous washing range, a unique patented machine that matches a very long dwelling time with intense mechanical action: the ideal solution for most types of wet treatments. AIRO® 24, the well-known continuous open-width airflow dryer, will efficiently dry and soften any type of fabric with intense and controlled mechanical action, allowing to reach the highest degree of softness and optimal levels of stability, with a perfect aspect of the fabric surface.

AIRBOX, based on a patented technology, is the open-width continuous high efficiency drying module which can be used as a pre-dryer in order to increase the capacity of any line (and it seamlessly integrates with the AIRO® 24) or as a high-performance stand-alone drying module. BRIO® 24 continuous open-width relax dryer, is specifically developed in order to give knits the highest level of dimensional stability in open and tubular form, and considerably reduce their spirality.

AQUARIA® – Welcome to the age of water

It’s been long since textile industry has been asking for machineries that could offer special treatments for fabrics. It was strictly necessary to go from the non-continuous process – costing time and money – to continuous, with the guarantee of results repeatability and of a quantitatively higher production, so that no market ended up being excluded. And, above all, to go from in rope processing to open width. But not only this. In the finishing textile world, a machinery like this already existed – both open width and continuous – where fabric is being moved, then impact against the grid, and goes back. But what didn’t exist is a machinery that does all this DURING the washing process. Finally, it does. And is called AQUARIA®.

AQUARIA® focuses on open width continuous process. Straight aware of what it means in terms of advantages. Realize a product you’ve been thinking about for so long, and that now thanks to AQUARIA® you can actually create.

AQUARIA® allows a large number of washing processes, i.e. washing, enzyme treatments, fibrillation and defibrillation (tencel), bio-polishing, desizing, bleaching, weight reduction, degumming and others, in order to achieve very special results, among which: Delavé and color reduction, Tencel and lyocell fibrillation and defibrillation, Enzyme washing, Sense effect on cupro and blends, Opalescence, Frosting effect.

Also, the modularity of AQUARIA® meets any production need. But above all, AQUARIA® is a machinery that puts into effect any new request. That’s what the worlds of textile and fashion were waiting for.

AIRO® 24 – All of air natural drying talent

Fabrics producers have very special needs: different production processes to choose among and to be able to finish any kind of fabric. They need a versatile textile machinery that can be both fashion- and home decor-specific; a patented machinery that knows how to use air natural drying talent, adding specific processes for any kind of fabrics; a machinery that guarantees a high quality product and a strong business collaboration with the producing company. They need AIRO®24 in its most recent version, patented by Biancalani.

If you need to produce technical fabrics for the protective & workwear sector, you’ll be looking to make your clothes comfortable and resistant; if you are doing business with the fashion industry, you may be more interested in softness and aesthetics, i.e. how a viscose skirt beautifully dances over the body. As per home decor industry, an open-fiber chenille fabric may be perfect to realize sofa slipcovers that are aesthetically great and heavy-duty at the same time.

And let’s not forget towels. Very often, towel textiles are soft to the touch, but they have poor performances as per their absorbent power. That happens because of silicons and chemical softeners necessary to give fabrics that misleading soft hand. But those kinds of tricks can’t work in a world where information is widely available and products supply at its pitch. The customer will choose the voluminous, good-looking, soft towel that still conserves the micro-capillary action of fibers, assuring an excellent absorbent power.

The latest version of AIRO®24 guarantees all the above-mentioned results. Actually, not only that. The fabric producer will experience both significant savings and benefits thanks to the mechanical softening action that makes chemical products unnecessary and to the final client satisfaction. In fact, AIRO®24 not only perfectly dries fabrics, but it improves their quality.

AIRBOX – Your ultimate production line upgrading

Biancalani has patented its ultimate system and was pretty much sure that AIRBOX was going to be a finishing production line upgrading for good – in fact, it makes it possible to increase the potential of any production line. The client, on the other hand, had see it first hand. During ITMA 2019, “impossible” was a comment uttered quite often, but Biancalani has kept their word, according to the company tradition.

Now many clients have included AIRBOX in their production lines and do confirm assumptions, or better certainties Biancalani had presented: very high production capacitylow costs and a considerable energy saving in keeping with sustainability. Plus, super compact size. At last, thanks to AIRBOX the client knows that high productivity doesn’t mean high production costs and has discovered AIRBOX effective skills. Field tests speak clearly of exceeded expectations. And they were quite high.

Going into details, AIRBOX has been created to match with AIRO®24 – the machineries are based on the same know how – but it can be included in any production line. In fact, during AIRBOX drying process the fabric is  guided through vertical channels where it keeps a close contact with high-speed air, while remaining stable. Furthermore, very compact dimensions ensure no waste of space, while the quantity of evaporated water by fast and hot air can reach 8 tons per day, depending on the fabric.

Such figures make one think of the first and foremost application of AIRBOX skills, i.e. terry towel production, which is based on drying performanceAIRBOX highly increases that performance: if matched with traditional drying machineries, it makes terry towel loops voluminous and soft, without affecting their drying power. If Biancalani already was a favorite over the hand of the best worldwide terry towel producers, now precisely AIRBOX confirms that innovation and the will to take another step forward are the company’s fundamentals.

BRIO® 24 – It’s all about dimensional stability

Beautiful unstable things need to be taken care of. And so do beautiful less unstable things. The one moment when they need to be made dimensionally stable is during the finishing process. Now, we are talking about fabrics, but our main topic is knitted fabric, to be exact.

International buyers are more and more frequently asking for that premium dimensional stability because that’s what big brands demand when looking for quality. BRIO®24 makes it possible to reach the highest possible shrinkage and permanent stability compared to any other textile machinery – both in tubular and open form – with near-zero residuals after washing. Biancalani guarantees these results for any kind of knitted fabric, even the lighter ones, more likely to shrink after the final purchase. But let’s go step by step.

The market supplies plenty of traditional tumble driers, but there are two core problems with that: small production quantities and the fabric tangling up and becoming knotted. Moreover, a traditional drier means the fabric is in constant contact with the conveyor belt while BRIO®24 makes the fabric literally fly over it, reducing the so-called spirality.

In fact, BRIO®24 is meant to be used for big industrial productions, with an eye for quality. That’s how BRIO®24 is actually a highly productive machinery but keeping those special results, the ultimate continuous drying solution for open width and tubular knitted fabric by Biancalani.