Bonesman Designs Eco-Friendly Products with Eco Responsible Fabrics

Expressing that they will invite fashion lovers to a new journey in the 2022 autumn-winter season, Brand Founder Dinçer Kosovalı emphasized the importance of the concept of “responsible” in fashion.

Bonesman Designs Eco-Friendly Products with Eco Responsible Fabrics

Bonesmen Founder Kosovalı said the following regarding the works initiated by the brand for the 2022 autumn-winter season. “Our starting point is eco-responsible fabrics with the word ‘responsible’. We experience the pride of presenting our customers with eco-friendly options. Because it is important to leave a livable planet to new generations.

Young, free, dynamic and bold designs

There are many creatures living in this world. We have to think about every creatures thing. We are planning to write a new story with young, free, dynamic and bold designs in the new era. Our eco-friendly designs will meet our customers with very special details. A better world is always possible. We will basically try to show this with our designs.

Referring to the design details, Kosovalı said: “Luxury touches with leather details, prints and embroidery are among the sparkles added to the collection. We attach great importance to luxurious touches so that the designs can have a very custom view.

As it is known, the rise of digital culture has brought the concepts of comfort and versatility to the fore. Inspired by these concepts, we designed sweatshirts, loose-fitting t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. Blue, red and shades of red; It enables designs to gain mobility.”