BTC and Armor Cooperates for New Generation Printing Inks

With an invitation, BTC Bilgi Teknolojileri announced their collaboration with Armor SA to develop new generation of digital printing inks with a press meeting. The contribution of BTC branded new generation inks to sustainability and the aim to use less water were emphasized in the meeting attended by important sectoral figures.

BTC and Armor Cooperates for New Generation Printing Inks

BTC Bilgi Teknolojileri, one of the most important companies of digital textile printing industry, announced its cooperation with Armor SA, a subsidiary of Armor Group, through a press meeting. Armor, a globally known brand of industrial printing inks, will be involved in the development of inks under the brand of BTC with the cooperation of both firms. In line with their sustainability and less water consumption approach, BTC will develop new generation inks and present it to the Turkish and world textile industry.

BTC Bilgi Teknolojileri company owner Nurten Ergün, Sales Manager Ufuk Mercan and Finance Manager Ercan Ergün, as well as Armor SA’s CFO Marc Jacobs and CEO Miro Vanek were present as the top level executives at the meeting. Nurten Ergün gave a salutation speech, and stated that BTC has left behind 25 years of success in the industry and underlined that they are a pioneering company addressing the issues of sustainability and waterless production. Marc Jacobs of Armor SA said in his speech that Armor is a well-established company and is in 7 different business branchs. Jacobs, said that their starting cooperation with BTC opened new horizons for themselves.

BTC and Armor share a similar sensitivity

Nurten Ergün gave detailed information about their cooperation with Armor and said that sustainability has become one of the most important issues not only for the textile industry but the whole world. Ergün; “Our water resources are now severely diminished or contaminated. If water use continues at this rate, water deprivation will be felt all over the world in a very short time”. Ergün reminded that BTC had 10 years of research on waterless production in textile digital printing technologies and products and gained experience throughout this process. Ergün emphasized that Armor Group, as a global-scale group based in France, have the same sensibility as themselves and announced that therefore the partnership between the two institutions has begun to produce very effective results.

Ergün touched on waterless printing technologies and the recycling of used water, and emphasized that BTC is a company that has been followed because of its pioneering work in this field. Ergün continued saying that, along with Armor, they would contribute to the industry by offering several different solutions to the market; “We increasingly continue our work on this subject. Of course, our main goal is more sustainable and more innovative solutions where water and harmful chemicals are not used. We started to offer our first products on this issue and the feedback we received encourages us to develop sustainable solutions that prevent or minimize water consumption”.