Coats Facilitates Textile Recycling with Water Dissolvable Yarns

During the Circularity Panel Session held as part of the conference, Feridun Ayırga - Commercial Director, EMEA at Coats, pointed out that one of the biggest sustainability challenges faced by the industry is separation and recycling, and said that Coats facilitates recycling with innovative and sustainable threads it has developed.

Coats Facilitates Textile Recycling with Water Dissolvable Yarns

Feridun Ayırga, Commercial Director, EMEA at Coats

The Sustainability Talks Istanbul Conference, which was organized to highlight innovation and transparency and amplify sustainable solutions to many of the challenges facing the textile industry, brought together industry players who have integrated sustainability into their business models.

Held as a hybrid event on November 25, Sustainability Talks Istanbul focused on circularity, traceability and recycling in the textile and fashion industry this year. The world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer Coats also took its place at the conference where best practices from the industry were shared. Feridun Ayırga, Commercial Director, EMEA at Coats, who participated in the Circularity Panel Session as a speaker, pointed out that textile products should be designed to be easily recycled and said that Coats has developed innovative products to respond to this need of the industry.

“All players in the industry should work together for circularity”

Feridun Ayırga, who underlined that recycling is difficult because different materials or composites are used together in most of the textile products, said: “A garment of the future must be designed for easy recycling and our commitment is to meet this in three ways. Firstly threads must be able to match the fabric in terms of material type so that the thread can be recycled using the same chemical process as is used for the fabric.

Secondly, threads must be offered that facilitate easy and low-cost disassembly of seams. Thirdly we must develop these threads, wherever possible, from recycled textile materials. The textiles industry is on a complicated journey and none of the players in the industry can achieve sustainability on their own – indeed it needs collaborations to exist outside our normal sphere of operations if we are to successfully close the circularity circle.”

“We make recycling easier by developing water dissolvable threads”

Feridun Ayırga said that Coats pioneers the circular economy with solutions such as EcoVerde, which is made of 100% recycled polyester, and 100% Lyocell thread EcoRegen, which more closely matches the material of the garments, and continued: “With our new product, EcoCycle, which will be launched soon, we have developed one of the first water dissolvable threads of its kind, designed to dissolve when washed at high temperatures.

At the end of a garment’s life, recyclers can wash the garments to dissolve the seams, enabling them to be easily pulled apart into pieces to allow the components to be sorted and recycled separately. To go beyond these exciting solutions, Coats invests in innovation, working closely with the industry to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the entire supply chain from start to finish. As the focus on circularity needs to happen from garment design onwards and every step of the value chain has a part to play in it.”

Coats recently announced it is accelerating and amplifying its journey towards a sustainable future. It has set higher ambitions, in terms of scope, scale and speed, which focus on net zero and circularity. Over the next five years Coats will invest $10m in scaling up the development of green technologies and materials to accelerate the achievement of its goals. The Coats Innovation Hub – Asia, in Shenzhen, China, will have a new mission and be re-purposed to focus on the application of biomaterials. Over the long term, Coats aspires to move all products to environmentally friendly materials and chemicals.