Cobble is A World Leader in the Production of Tufting Technology

Acknowledged as having pioneered many of the major advances that have taken place within the carpet industry, Cobble Van De Wiele is a world leader in the design and production of tufting technology and is based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the UK.

Cobble is A World Leader in the Production of Tufting Technology

Cobble Van De Wiele has remained at the forefront of technology through anticipating, identifying and responding to industry requirements and trends. Through continuous innovation, Cobble Van De Wiele is meeting the ever increasing demands made on all the tufting equipment supplied to carpet manufacturers. Both the ST series and Pantera machines offer high flexibility and accuracy, and in conjunction with sophisticated pattern attachments enable customers to achieve creative end products with which they can distinguish themselves on the market. Advanced control systems give carpet manufacturers sophisticated monitoring and control for improved efficiency.

Cobble Van de Wiele offers an unrivalled combination of machine features in the tufting market dedicated to the needs of the customer. Plain cut or loop carpets and combinations of cut and loop can be made with our tufting machines, along with varying pile heights in 2, 4 and 5 meter width. All machine and carpet parameters can be quickly selected on the HMI touch screen.

Like its carpet and velvet weaving machines, our tufting machines are equipped with an in-house developed and manufactured electronic platform (MLC Modular Loom Control), using integrated modules and Quad Drive systems for superior machine control and reduced cabling. Also, an Energy Bus system prevents possible carpet quality defects and machine damage due to power disruption. Additionally, the Energy Bus system efficiently interchanges electrical energy, keeping power consumption to a minimum.


Cobble has upgraded its Sampling Centre, which has involved major changes both in terms of machine sampling capability and also the area’s aesthetic appeal. Designed to effectively house a permanent display of the latest developments alongside existing tufting technology, the centre provides full machine demonstration facilities and can meet any carpet sampling needs.