Corino “Superslit” The Original One

"Superslit" was born for the Italian market where they developed and installed the first lines. But shortly has conquered the world and now is present and works satisfactorily in more than 60 countries.

Corino “Superslit” The Original One

Worldwide, in the most of the dyehouses, the word “Corino” is used in place of “slitting line”. When a customer says: “We have got one, two, three … Corino’s they mean: .. We use one , two, three …slitting lines”. This demonstrates how strong and well know is today the union between slitting technology and Corino company in the processing field. And the fact that Turkey is the best Corino market for this line – called “Superslit” -, with a constant demand despite an economic situation not always favourable, is for company matter of pride.

Behind this target there is the full corino story, a 35 years old story made of know how, experience and innovation. Mr. Robeto Corino, the founder and the President of the company, first designed the modern slitting machine, by placing the slitting basket directly under the detwister. He was also the one who presented the world’s first low tension slitting basket with wheels, as well as the first line equipped with antipilling enzyme washing system. In this regards, it’s worth remembering the many patent devices which are installed on this line, starting from detwister and slitting basket. Since the beginning, the constant updating of the line features – necessary to follow the fast market changes and the needs of the new kinds of fabric, more sensitive to the elongation and crease marks – has always placed the’SUPERSLIT” at the top of the market, with the highest levels of performance,reliability and final quality fabric. Another strong point of the line is its flexibility, given that it can be used with every kind of fabric, in dry and wet condition, for slitting the tubular but also as a rope opener. In short, “SUPERSLIT” is the market benchmark and, as proof of that, there are the many attempts to imitate it.Even if in this moment the slitting line is its strong point, Corino is equally famous for many other products. Still on the subject of rurkey, the pin wheels weftstraightener – called “super N” – is aspopular as the slitting line. Mainly the textile printing sector, because of the perfect straight weft it needs, is widely demading this kind of wefutraightener, that is able to remove all kinds of weft distorsion on woven fabric, with just a simple mechanical system, without the complexiw and limits of the optical wefutraighteners.

The year 2019 will be the lTMA-Barcelona year and for that event the company is designing the last version of “Superslit”. At the moment, the company can’t reveal yet what there will be new in detail, but just inform that some modifications will concern the sensors, the electronics and the working logic.