Cosmo Kimya at ITMA 2019 with Textile Auxiliary Chemicals

As one of Turkey's leading companies in the domestic production of textile auxiliary chemicals including optical whiteners, Cosmo Kimya will participate in ITMA 2019, which is to be held on 20-26 June in Barcelona, Spain. the company will exhibit products and host domestic and foreign customers at Hall 3, D147.

Cosmo Kimya at ITMA 2019 with Textile Auxiliary Chemicals

Established for the production of textile auxiliary chemicals for the textile industry in 2000, Cosmo Kimya Chemical has become one of Turkey’s leading companies in this field.  Starting production in Esenyurt, Istanbul, the company has expanded its product range with successful R&D activities, established trust with domestic and foreign customers, and increased their investments as a result of these successful efforts.

The company started building its new factory in Esenyurt, Istanbul in 2015, and started production there in the first quarter of 2018. Thanks to the R&D laboratories established for the production of all kinds of textile chemicals including modern and optical whiteners, the company responded to demands from customers, and reaffirmed their trust.

Dr. Süleyman Gürsoy

Dr. Süleyman Gürsoy,
Cosmo Kimya R&D and Production Manager

Sharing his notes with us on the company’s achievements and their increasing participation in exhibitions in recent years, Cosmo Kimya R&D and Production Manager Dr. Süleyman Gürsoy said, “Our company has been in operation since 2000, and serves the textile industry with a wide range of products. The textile auxiliary chemicals, which we produce are used for dyeing all kinds of fibers at dye-houses and washing plants with discontinuous systems (overflow, jet, HT, pad-batch, continuous bleaching etc.)

Thanks to our R & D activities, we have been producing a wide range of products, and now we have become one of the most important producers of our country in the domestic market.

Having one of Turkey’s largest R&D laboratories and textile chemicals production facilities, Cosmo Kimya has a wide product range and stock. We provide the best service to meet the demands of our customers in a manner ready to serve at any time of the day.

While we carry the success we have achieved in the domestic market to exports, we are exporting directly to many countries such as Iran, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt.”

Eco-Friendly Production Protecting Ecological Life

Noting that production of textiles has also drawbacks, Gürsoy said: “Especially dyeing of textile products and formation of chemical wastes have started to harm human health and ecological environment.

Cosmo Kimya is prioritizing human health and the environment, and it has an eco-friendly production, which does not harm ecological life. Setting an example for many enterprises in this sense, our company has been appreciated by its customers.”

Speaking also on their participation in exhibitions and promotional activities after 2012, Süleyman Gürsoy said, ”Today We are a company with one of the largest and most diverse range of stocks and technically capable to meet the demands.

After our participation in ITMA Milano in 2015, we started participating in dozens of international exhibitions organized in many countries and cities such as Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia and Istanbul. Now we are preparing for ITMA 2019 Barcelona and we will represent our country in the best way possible.”

Süleyman Gürsoy also mentioned the importance of exports activities and added: ”Turkey is one of the leading countries in the global textile manufacturing. This has paved the way for the production of textile machinery and textile chemicals in our country.

While most of the domestic market demands are met by domestic producers, she has seized an important place in the world markets with the exports of textile machinery and textile chemicals. There is a significant increase in the number of companies exporting in our industry.

This is a great gain for our country. The exports of these product groups, which are considered to be high added-value products, provide both foreign exchange influx and create significantly more employment. Now Turkey is among the top 3 countries participating the ITMA Exhibition.

As far as I can remember, there were 130 Turkish companies in 2015, and now it has exceeded 160 with a 20% increase. As a result, all of us have started export-oriented efforts. This is a pleasing and flattering thing for Turkey. I wish success to all our companies participating the ITMA Exhibition.”