Demsan Will Exhibit Its Newly Designed Packaging Machine at ITM 2022

Demsan Export Manager Tuncay Demirci said, “We are planning to attend the ITM 2022 with our newly designed packaging machine and fabric quality control roll wrapping machines.”

Demsan Will Exhibit Its Newly Designed Packaging Machine at ITM 2022

Demsan started its activities in 1978 with the precision plaiting (yard palletising) machine. Demands from its customers the company added fabric quality control rolling, batching, plaiting, folding, spreading and packaging machines within its product portfolio. Demsan also exports machinery to Far East, Turkish Republics, Russia, Middle East and North African countries with its experience of years.

In addition, Demsan produces machines suitable for the requirements of its customers in different fields of textile. The company has gained a suitable place in the world markets with its long years of experience in the textile industry.

Making statements to our Tekstil Teknoloji magazine, Tuncay Demirci said, “The main reasons for our company to have a say in this sector are; It is positioned at the European level with its quality and between Europe and the Far East with its prices. As textile machinery manufacturers, we have reached an important position in the world market. In order to become more efficient and permanent companies in this market, we continue our work with other manufacturers in this sector at full speed.”

“Our sales in 2021 reached the peak of the last 8 years. In 2022”

Saying that the sales they made in 2021 reached the peak of the last 8 years, Demirci continued as follows: In 2022, we aim to go one step further and realize the highest annual sales since Demsan’s establishment. We also increased the number of engineers and technical personnel in order to meet the orders we received in 2021. At the same time, we expanded our subcontractor network. In this way, we are ahead of our competitors by delivering our machines before the delivery dates specified in the contracts we made with our customers. This year, we increased our production by investing in metal processing machines. In this way, we are producing our machines more sensitive and higher quality.”

Innovation in Pastel Spreading Machine

Most of the fabric spreading machines produced in the domestic market are used for fabrics from rolls. The fabric spreading machine produced Demsan is used for fabrics coming from the A-frame (Batch). In this way, the machine can pave hundreds of meters without stopping, which provides a great advantage in production time.  Maximum fabric laying height on the laying table is 25 cm. “Our standard laying length is 12 meters in this machine, and our R&D working are continuing in order to extend the laying distance in line with the demands coming from customers. We believe that we will achieve successful results in this regard in a short time. Thanks to the servo motor controlled spreading group in our fabric spreading machines, we perform more precise spreading. In addition, thanks to the newly developed air blowing system, we reduced the total electricity consumption of the machine by approximately 20%.” Demirci said.

Innovations in Fabric Quality Control Machines

Thanks to the programmable tension adjustment system, the fabrics to be checked in the machine are calibrated according to their types, and thanks to the PLC system, recipes are prepared according to the fabric types. Thanks to these prepared recipes, the operator selects the fabric type on the touch screen and continues to work without making any adjustments to the machine, thus minimizing the meter differences.

Innovations in Precision Plaiting (Palletizing) Machines

Tuncay Demirci said; “We have realized the motion system with the flywheel system in our palletizing machines for years. By making use of the developing technology, we perform more precise palletising thanks to the servomotor and plc system instead of flywheel system. At the same time, we have minimized the need for mechanical maintenance.”


Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI