Dos&Dye® Compact: Fully Automatic System for Laboratory Dyeing Tests

Dos&Dye® Compact is a completely automatic system to manage and perform laboratory dyeing samples.

Dos&Dye® Compact: Fully Automatic System for Laboratory Dyeing Tests

This system consists of one automatic dispensing machine model Dosorama W, Dosorama Ws or Dosorama Wsl in combination with one or more special automatic dyeing machines model Turbodye, Dyrama and Shakerama. Each module con- sists of individual dyeing units and the Shakerama consists on multiple groups of 4 dyeing units.

Each dyeing unit can work independently; different programs can be done, reproducing the same diagrams and steps of the dyeing process like in bulk production, capable of generating samples and recipes closest as possible to the production scale. It can be dyed samples of all textile material: fabrics, yarn, flock, etc. of any textile fibre. In this way, samples and recipes will be managed simulating the results obtained on bulk dyeing machines.

The Dos&Dye® Compact can work autonomously without any manual intervention, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The dyeing units have been studied and developed by Tecnorama to obtain dyeing results that reproduce the bulk production, able to generate the closest cor- relation between laboratory results and those obtained in full-scale production.

Heating, cooling, draining, ma- chine opening and closure, water, dyestuff and chemicals supply operations are all completely automatic and handled separately by a special software installed on a centralized PC.

Different work schedules can thus be carried out in the various dyeing units, just as for bulk production, and the entire work cycle can be followed step-by-step, with the possibility of checking all phases of the dyeing cycle, even after many days, through the history file, which contains all processes information performed by each dyeing unit.

Each module has a parking unit where samples to be dyed and those already dyed are stored. A robotized system loads and unloads samples from the parking places in the dyeing unit and vice versa.

In other words, the Dos&Dye® Compact works completely independently, each module can automatically perform different dyeing operations without requiring any outside manual intervention.

It is possible to dye all textile fibres in all their forms and perform all known dyeing schedules from 20°C to 140°C.