Effe Endustri Continues Activities at Full Speed

Qualifying as an R&D Center this year in January, Effe Endustri continues its activities in its modern production facility by introducing innovations and creating a difference.

Effe Endustri Continues Activities at Full Speed

With the implementation of the Private Sector R&D Centers in our country, it has become possible to prepare sufficient conditions to create an industrial infrastructure in parallel with the developments in the world, to increase competitiveness, to reinforce efficiency and to produce high value-added products. Focused on innovation and development, Effe Endustri started to operate as an R&D Center in January 2019, seizing a place in this development.

R&D Center in Figures

Effe Endustri uses a 350 sqm for the R&D Center Office on its 10,000 sqm production facility, and 250 sqm for the laboratory, testing, and prototype workshop.  The R&D Center, situated on a total 600 sqm, employs 22 employees.

Effe Pasha Continues to Offer Business-specific Solutions

Effe Endustri implemented the second application of the over-the-platform ram machine in Bursa, Rabek Textile, which enables the installation of ram machines in facilities with space limit problems. The application allows extra space for the businesses by offering a space under the platform, and is designed to allow the fabric to avoid stretching or changing physically when it moves up and down.

Shipments and Assembly Activities for Effe Pasha Ram Machines Continue in Full Swing

  • The shipment for the ram machines was completed in the following week after the order by Dinar Teksil in the city of Andijan in Uzbekistan.
  • The Pasha ram machine was activated in Chust Textile company’s facility in Uzbekistan.
  • Pasha ram machine was delivered to “İnteks Uluslararası Teksil Sanayi ve İhracat A.Ş.” in Istanbul, and the assembly started very quickly.
  • Pasha ram machine was delivered to CMJ Textil (Latina), one of the leading textile companies in Brazil.

Effe Endustri is also known for its participations in the international textile machinery exhibitions.

  • Attending the 12th International Garment, Textile & Leather Machinery, Accessories & Fabrics Exhibition (IGATEX) held in Karachi, Pakistan together with ATME (Associated Textile Machinery Enterprises), which it represents, Effe Endustri informed its visitors on its current innovations and developments. In addition, it performed presentations on the existing and new projects and the machines and units.
  • Knittech, Asia’s largest knitting technologies exhibition, was held in Tripur, India with the participation of ARHA, Effe Endustri’s agency. The 15th edition of the event hosted more than 750 brands and more than 30,000 visitors on an area of 300,000 sqm.
  • In preparation for the ITMA Barcelona exhibition, the first meeting with Turrek Exhibition, Booth and Exhibition Systems was held in Effe Endustri’s facility. The company officials and designers discussed booth designing in the meeting.

Effe Endustri Gains More Strength with New Agencies

Continuing to gain more strength with the new members in its sales force, Effe Endustri has signed an agreement with The Gaurs company for representation in Sri Lanka and all parts of India except the southern regions. With this agreement, Effe Endustri will achieve a great success with its new representative, The Gaurs.