Effe Endüstri – Solution Partner for Digital Printing Machines and Technologies

Thanks to having the ability to render quick solutions, a sustainable quality and service approach, and the dynamics of cooperating R&D projects with customers, Effe Endustri has been producing solutions for digital textile machines Since 2016.

Effe Endüstri – Solution Partner for Digital Printing Machines and Technologies

Having joint ventures with digital printing machinery manufacturers for OEM, the company produces drying cabinets with various features with entry-exit units for digital printing machines that users purchase from machinery manufacturers. Effe succeeds to maintain its leading position in the industry in machinery and equipment produced for customers seeking performance, continuity, energy efficiency and total quality. Effe manufactures units and machines for digital printing, including digital printing machines input units, docking stations, single pass conveyor drying cabinets, 3-pass conveyor drying cabinets, natural gas/ steam and electric drying cabinets, exit spreading and rolling units.

Supplying various machinery and equipment for many textile companies operating in Turkey, as a reliable local partner in digital printing machines and technologies, Effe is among the sought-after suppliers for companies and machinery manufacturers. Effe’s General Manager İhsan Mokanoğlu explains the reasons for especially European-based digital printing machinery manufacturers choosing Effe products for machines they sell in Turkey in 2017 and 2018 as such:

“No matter which machine or equipment you produce, your goal must be total quality. Unfortunately, total quality is regarded as a standard merely on documentation. But it must be practiced across all processes, and its applicability should be ensured. Then, no success resulting from your hard work with experienced people will be a surprise. Machine manufacturers, who managed to become a European brand, successfully achieved total quality targets this way. A great importance is attached to the presentation of products and services and the quality of their material from machine design to selection of the preferred equipment. It is ensured that the ordering and production processes are monitored in compliance with the standards. The product, ready to be shipped, is packed in line with the international standards, and loaded onto transport vehicles. Then, installation at the customer’s facility is completed. Aftersale spare parts and technical documentation and operating instructions are prepared in accordance with the total quality standards of the projects.”