EFFE: New Machinery, New Production Facility, and New Goals

EFFE will launch three new machines at the ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will be held after a mandatory four-year hiatus caused by the measures taken against the pandemic. The new stenter machine, which is the 4th generation of the EFFE Pasha Stenter Machine, the newly produced Steaming Machine, and the Equalizing Free Drying Machine will be presented to the visitors.

EFFE: New Machinery, New Production Facility, and New Goals

The EFFE Pasha Model stenter machine, one of the most preferred stenter machines in Turkey and the world, was launched at the ITM 2016 Exhibition. In the following years, the number of customers who became acquainted with the distinctive features of the machine increased rapidly. EFFE Pasha4 model stenter machine is ready to be presented to customers with its updated features after 6 years.

EFFE, which will not be content with the launch of a new stenter machine at ITM 2022, will launch two more new machines for which R&D studies have been completed a long time ago and are now available to customers.

EFFE will again come to the fore with significance and quality in details in Rotation and Digital Printing Steaming Machine

Among the machines to be launched, Rotation and Digital Printing Steaming machine project studies were completed two years ago. It could not be presented to the users at the ITM 2020 Exhibition, which was postponed due to the pandemic, but it managed to receive very positive feedback from its users regarding its production performance and technical differences in the field. Like the stenter machine, the Rotation and Digital Printing Steaming machine is expected to make a difference with its outstanding technological differences in Turkey and in the world, as well as its original design and features bearing the EFFE signature.

Another Machine Ordered by Users on the Project: Equalizing Free Drying Machine

Another machine that has been produced for many years for the finishing processes of Open Width and tube fabrics is preparing to change the competitive conditions in the sector with the original ideas of the EFFE project team. With its innovations that defy conventional technologies in dryers, a machine design that exceeds expectations in minimum electricity and natural gas consumption, production capacity, touch, and shrinkage values has been completed. It has become the choice of customers with the trust of EFFE through the project. With the advantages of lower energy usage thanks to the in-cabin chain system, adjustable independent air control system in all fabric transitions, distance adjustable nozzle system, and particular cabin fan structure, the company is ready to offer a machine experience that the visitors will enjoy discovering at the ITM 2022 Exhibition.

EFFE Prepares To Double Its Production Capacity With Its New Production Facility

EFFE company aims to increase the production number of Stenter, Sanforizing, Steaming, and Drying machines and to manufacture machinery within minimum deadlines in its new production facility, on an area over 15,000 square meters, which started its operations in Çorlu / Velimeşe at the beginning of June. The company has determined its targets for the next five years, with the continuation of the OEM project studies it carries out with foreign machinery manufacturers, the shortening of production times of machines, units, and accessories, and the increase in capacity, in addition to its mainly produced machinery.