EFFE Will Launch 3 New Machines at ITM 2022

EFFE is preparing to launch a brand new stenter machine that is the 4th Generation of Pasha Stenter, the Steaming Machine, which has just been started production, and a new machine, the details of which will be announced soon, at the ITM Exhibition on 14-18 June 2022.

EFFE Will Launch 3 New Machines at ITM 2022

İhsan Mokanoğlu, EFFE Makine Endustri Tic. A.S. General Manager and Member of the Board

EFFE Pasha Stenter has reached its 4th generation at the end of a great development process in the last 5 years since its launch at the ITM Exhibition on June 1, 2016. Growing with the influence of Pasha Stenter, Machine EFFE has come a long way with its new machine types, developments in existing ones, R&D, export, and production capacity. Today, EFFE, one of the biggest export companies of Turkish textile machinery, continues its growth and development without slowing down.

At the ITM Exhibition to be held on 14-18 June 2022, EFFE will launch the Pasha Stenter Machine, the 4th generation, and a steaming machine, as well as a surprise machine that its knowledge will be shared soon.

İhsan Mokanoğlu, EFFE Makine Endustri Tic. A.S. General Manager and Member of the Board, answered our questions regarding the company’s 2021 evaluations, 2022 plans, and current status.

How was 2021 for Effe? Can you please tell us about the developments and innovations of your company?

Although there were contractions and difficult days in various sectors in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak worldwide, we thought that the textile and textile machinery industry would be positively affected by the fluctuations that changed and continued to change after the pandemic period.

Textile production continues to exist, even if changes its geography most of the time. Our biggest advantage as machinery manufacturers is that we have a worldwide sales and after-service network that can adapt quickly to the change of textile supply centers. We have the infrastructure to organize our activities in Bangladesh when Egypt experiences busy days and vice versa.

Realizing the dynamics of mass production of machines in our production park gave us the ability to respond to intense demands more quickly. In this way, we were able to produce and ship more machines in 2021.

As Effe, we once again broke our own export record together with our agencies and representatives in 28 different countries around the world.

According to our observations and figures, the Turkish textile industry was also very productive and it was a year in which records were broken in exports. For this reason, EFFE brand, which is an element of trust with its products and services, is preferred by the companies that increase their capacity or that are newly established.

Could you please elaborate on the innovations you have made in your machinery and the export volume of your company in 2021?

In fact, our sustainable renewal and development studies on the machines in our production line are not limited to 2021 only. It’s a longstanding nature of our company that with the launch of a machine and its use by end-users in their businesses, we immediately start sustainable renewal and development studies for it.

This year, we made innovations in our Stenter, Sanforizing, and Drying machines that we produce in our R&D center. In addition, we have made dozens of new developments on the Press Steaming machine, which has just joined our product range but has not been launched yet. In this direction, we have realized all applications that will gain a price-performance advantage by professionally blending the demands from our customers and the original ideas of our engineers.

Can you please tell us about your plans, innovations, and projects for 2022?

The year 2022 excites us tremendously. The reason for this is the high number of machine requests and orders we received, especially from abroad, in the last quarter of 2021. Based on the experience we have gained over many years, we evaluate the demand intensities in certain periods of the year and plan strategies accordingly. In this context, 2022 signals that it will be a year when new records will be broken again.

The year 2022 will be a very important year as we plan to offer new opportunities that will add value to our customers with the launch of 2 new machines.

Which of your machines will you exhibit at your stand at the ITM 2022 Exhibition? What are their features?

A brand new stenter machine, the 4th generation of the EFFE Pasha Stenter machine, which we launched at the 2016 ITM Exhibition, is counting the days to meet the end-users. We will have the opportunity to present newly developed applications, which have been field tests for about a year, to our valued customers at the ITM 2022 Exhibition.

At the same time, with regard to printing technologies, we will again showcase the hidden differences of the EFFE brand in detail, with the Steaming machine that has just arrived in our production line. We will also launch the Steaming Machine, 3 of which we have produced so far and 2 of which are on the production line, at the ITM 2022 Exhibition.

Moreover, a new machine will be presented to the customers at the exhibition. We are getting ready to present a machine that is very familiar to users with the EFFE vision and production approach to our customers. In the coming days, we will start sharing information regarding the machine launch.

 What would you like to say about the ITM 2022 Exhibition and ITM Exhibitions in general?

ITM Exhibitions is the brand of Turkey. ITM Exhibitions is the unrivaled brand of this geography. It is an indisputable exhibition for us both in the companies where I work as a manager in my professional business life and now within the body of EFFE. We launched the EFFE new PASHA model Stenter machine on June 1, the first day of the ITM exhibition in 2016, and we had the chance to introduce our machine to the masses.

The launch success at this exhibition proved to us that the ITM Exhibition is not a local or regional exhibition, but an international one. Many of Europe, Russia and other Turkic Republics, the Middle East, North African countries, Asia, and the Asia Pacific countries care about the ITM Exhibition and participate. For this reason, as EFFE, we will launch our new machinery again at the ITM 2022 Exhibition and all our preparations are in this direction.

It was also a very accurate decision that our exhibition has been postponed by the organizer due to the troublesome pandemic conditions in the world. I would also like to thank them for the decision they have taken in this direction and the devotion they have shown.

Now in 2022, having missed the ITM Exhibition so much, we are excited to open the doors of the exhibition in a period when the conditions are better both in Turkey and in the world.


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