Efi Reggiani’s Strategic Investment in Turkey: Acquisition of the Dye Chemicals Company BDR

One of the leading brands in textile printing technology, EFI ™ Reggiani he has made a strategic investment in Turkey. The company has acquired the Bursa-based leading textile digital printing inkjet company BDR Boya Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş.

Efi Reggiani’s Strategic Investment in Turkey: Acquisition of the Dye Chemicals Company BDR

Integrated into Efi Reggiani, BDR will continue developing inks by expanding and increasing its capabilities on ink technology, while at the same tine working closely with its customers and supporting them. BDR employees to participate in the Efi workforce, will continue working at the existing facilities in Turkey.

This acquisition expands Efi Reggiani’s digital reactive ink supplies and supports the company’s presence of in key markets. Although the financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed yet, no change is expected on the results of Efi’s figures for the second quarter or the whole year of 2019.

“We are excited about the BDR team joining us and to fully support our industry-leading customers,” said Efi Reggiani’s Vice President and General Manager Adele Genoni. Genoni also noted that “The synergy emerging from the first-class portfolios of BDR and Efi Reggiani textile printers will be key to ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality products and develop innovation. With this acquisition, Efi Reggiani will also strengthen its presence in Turkey, leading us to an important and growing textile hub.”

BDR’s founders Serra Saatçioğlu Yıldız and İbrahim Demir stated that “BDR has always focused on ever-increasing opportunities worldwide in digital solutions by producing high-performance and high quality inks to maintain sustainability in the textile industry.” Yıldız and Demir say, “The Reggiani portfolio, Efi’s global and best in class,  fits our own key goals in innovation and growth. We are excited to join Efi to work together to improve the industry’s transtition from analogue printing to digital printing.

Following the announcement of this important purchase, as Tekstil Teknoloji, we held a special interview with Adele Genoni, Vice President and General Manager of Efi Reggiani. Providing information in details on the purchase process and assessing the year 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, Efi Reggiani also shared important notes about the Turkish market.

BDR Acquisition is a major milestone for Efi Reggiani

How did you decide to buy BDR?

First of all, the acquisition of BDR has been one of the milestones for Efi Reggiani. We have important reasons behind this decision. First of all, BDR, which was founded in 2016, has achieved a significant growth in a short period of time like a few years, and has a very important market share.

Currently BDR serves many of the world’s leading textile and clothing manufacturers by offering reliable products that provide high quality with lower cost in digital printing. By combining the portfolios of Efi Reggiani and BDR, we will be able to offer our customers high quality and innovative products.

Can we say that this acquisition is an indication of the importance you attached the Turkish market?

Certainly, we can. We are a global brand, and we have a very wide market network all over the world. And Turkey is a very important market for us. We have been working here for more than 30 years and we continue our growth with our Turkish partners. We have 110 digital printers, and more than 130 analog printers in Turkey. We’re trying to find new customers from Turkey on a daily basis and we want to maintain this successful business relationship for many years. BDR is also a Turkish company. Therefore, it will help us improve our global portfolio and meet our needs.

We Will Offer Our Customers High Quality And Low Cost Products

What would you say about this acquisition’s benefits to Efi Reggiani?

Another important reason for the acquisition of BDR was the company’s strong export records. BDR has made a significant presence in Turkey as well as Pakistan, Europe, the Middle East and India thanks to its export activities increasing  every day. With the acquisition of BDR, we have made it easier to have access to the world’s most important textile markets such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. EFI Reggiani is a leading technology provider with a wide range of industrial textile inkjet printers using water-based inks. BDR also offers reliable products delivering high quality with lower cost in digital printing. By combining the product portfolios of Efi and BDR, we will help our customers achieve new levels of sustainability, productivity and profitability.

Are you planning to make other investments in Turkey?

The technology in the textile printing market – whether you are looking at the printers, inks or fabrics – is changing at a rapid pace. We are always looking for opportunities that best serve our customers and the market.


For Efi Reggiani, 2018 has been a year full of innovations and you have introduced many new products to the industry. Have your products received the expected interest from the industry?

As you mentioned, 2018 has been a year full of innovations for us. We developed our innovations in two areas, which are printing and inks. In the second quarter of 2018, we launched the digital printer Colors and in the third quarter we introduced Terra pigment ink, which is a pigment solution and eliminates processes such as steaming, washing and finishing. In the fourth quarter, we launched the new generation single pass textile printing machine BOLT.

With the acquisition of BDR in the first quarter of 2019, we have established a strong cooperation for the ink market. Efi has a unique product ecosystem and our products provide a competitive advantage by increasing the operational efficiency of users and accelerating their growth by taking advantage of opportunities in the market. So, we can say that the interest shown in our products has made us very satisfied. Efi’s technical team continues to develop eco-friendly and sustainable products.

We Sold New Generation Single Pass Machine BOLT in Italy and Pakistan

How was the interest for the new generation single pass textile printer you introduced to the market in the fourth quarter of 2018? Which countries have you sold BOLT so far?

We launched BOLT in November 2018. First of all, I would like to state that we are proud of our technical team for launching the BOLT in a year, a single pass machine that revolutionized the textile printing market with a print speed of up to 90 meters per minute. We had launched BOLT together with more than 300 customers in our plant in Bergoma. So far, we have sold BOLT to two companies, one in Italy and one in Pakistan. Our projects continue with other customers for BOLT. We are indebted to our customers who are excited about and interested in BOLT.

What can you say on the ITM exhibition’s contribution to Efi Reggiani’s success in the Turkish market?

ITM is really a very successful organization and we are proud to participate. ITM exhibitions also offer us great opportunities to find new customers and make new collaborations. We had launched the digital printer Colors at ITM 2018. Printing up to 12 different colors at a time, this machine is a breakthrough product for customers who want to get a big advantage in competition.  We received very positive feedback from our customers for this machine after its launch at ITM 2018. As I said earlier, we had a strong relationship based on solid and long relation with Turkey, and our acquisition of BDR strengthened this relation.

Which products will you exhibit at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona this month? What are your expectations from the exhibition?

Our preparations for ITMA continue at full speed. We will be delighted to host our customers at our booth. First of all, our most imortant innovation that we will exhibit at ITMA will be the single pass printer BOLT. We will also display our ink solutions in the Efi and BDR product portfolios. One of our latest innovations we will offer to our visitors will be Efi Mezzera Indigo dyeing technology, a groundbreaker in denim technology. This product can eliminate the use of chemical wastes and high operating costs at textile companies during denim production.

At ITMA, we want to meet with our customers from all over the world, to bring them together with new technologies, to support them for their success and to introduce our latest innovations to them.

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı