Elteksmak Received Two Awards from Design Turkey 2018 with the Extended Design

Elteksmak, which has been producing Continuous Tumbler Dryer Machines, Stenter Machines, Relax Dryer Machine, Steamer/ Polymerization Machine After Printing was awarded with its designs.

Elteksmak Received Two Awards from Design Turkey 2018 with the Extended Design

Design Turkey 2018 that is one of Turkey’s largest and most prestigious awards organization in the area of innovation and branding, which is organized with the collaboration of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) has been announced the results of the Industrial Design. In the Industrial Design competition of Design Turkey 2018, both POSLU Gen.3 Stenter Frame Machine and High Pressure Padder machine were awarded with good design awards. While ELTEKSMAK has riveted its success once again, it has demonstrated that it is also innovative in the field of textile drying technologies. Poslu Stenter is a machine which is designed to improve the energy and production efficiency up to highest level for the Textile Finishing processes.

It can be easily adapted to any type of fabric process with its wide range of accessories. Poslu Stenter Machine guarantees convection of the hot air to every single point on fabric body by help of quadral motor-nozzle structure, cross layout cabins and special variable nozzle blow system and correspondingly guarantees the maximum stability on drying/heat-setting process.Padder Units are composed of two different systems which are designed on same platform. First system is the Standart Padder Unit which is equivalent to the conventional padders and the second system is the High Pressure Padder Unit which creates a distinction against the conventional padders for the applications require higher squeezing effect.Both type of padders can be used as squeezing or chemical padder. Fabric uncurling equipments placed in front of the squeezing rollers can be configured as double spiral opener, expander or combination of both.