Embee Group: As far As Competition Is Concerned, Innovation Is One Of Our Core Strength

Embee is a world’s leading manufacturer of complete range of textile rotary printing systems. The company manufactures good export quality products which comprise of 40% of the entire revenue.

Embee Group: As far As Competition Is Concerned, Innovation Is One Of Our Core Strength

Embee is a world’s leading manufacturer of complete range of textile rotary printing systems. The company manufactures good export quality products which comprise of 40% of the entire revenue.

Embee group is one of the leading solution providers in the textile machinery industry. The company, established in 1956 as a small textile trolley manufacturer, has now, grown into a full –fledged textile complex.

Initially as the business grew, Embee expanded into manufacturing several spare parts for textile machines, and engineering equipments. In the seventies, with the onset of rotary printing trend in India, which caused a big revolution in the printing industry, the company started manufacturing small parts for the machine. Although, producing these parts was a difficult task, Embee accomplished it, and after completing a series of such difficult tasks, Embee produced their first textile rotary screen printing machine in the nineties.

The company has its headquarter in Ahmedabad and has now spread its branches and sales offices across the world.

We interviewed Harsh Shah, Managing Director of Embee Group, for our Textile Technology magazine.

If you assess in terms of export markets what is the importance of Turkey for your company?

Exporting  since 1989, today Embee exports to more than 35 countries worldwide. However for Embee, Turkey is considered to be a major country as far as export market is concerned. From a long period of time, we have been exporting to Turkey our Pre-print, Print and Post-print solutions for textile rotary printing. We have sold our main product textile rotary printing machine to a number of customers in Turkey.

 Could you share us your first quarter of 2019 export figures? How is the demand of Turkish companies to your products?

Our textile rotary printing machine-Infinium is a big hit in the Turkish companies. The demand for this machine is growing rapidly. In the first quarter of 2019, we have successfully installed our second printing machine at Orhan Karakoc Tekstil,  Bursa. Also, another rotary machine will be installed at Akdem Tekstil next month.

What are your most demanded products?

For every years, Embee was famous for Pre-print, Print and Post-print for textile rotary printing. However, if we talk about today, the most demanded product then that would be our rotary screen printing machine-Infinium. Infinium is a perfect solution for the modern day textile printers who are facing number of challenges today and who are demanding a state of the art machine which gives high accuracy, sharp printing results, high volume, high speed printing and all combined in one package.

Infinium is a very economically priced machine which gives highest value in the market place. It provides flexibility to print on variety of delicate fabrics which has hassle-free operations. It is also our best selling product.

Can you give information about your 2019 targets and investments?

We have moved one step ahead and designed the most advanced rotary printing machine with advanced European technology. InfiniumiD is an ideal option for customer who prefers servo individual drive system. Customers expect printing machine to be flexible, energy efficient, perfect print fitting even in long printing runs. InfiniumiD not only fulfills these expectations but also provides easy repeat settings, touch screen interface for smooth operation, easy to use touch operated main control panel with remote assistance. We are expecting at least 50-60% growth in the demand of this machine.

Embee launched a revolutionary product – LaserBird which is the world’s first laser stripping machine exclusively for textile rotary screen. A non hazardous, chemical free, hassle free and most economical rotary screen stripping alternate to the conventional hazardous way. Further, the cost for laser stripping is lowest and it is the most economical way of stripping the screens quickly and efficiently. We are expecting 2-3 times growth for this product.

Recently, Embee successfully installed complete fully automatic Color Kitchen System- SmartColor in Africa. We are planning to market more aggressively this product further and expecting to install couple of systems across the world.

We have dedicated technical R&D team who focuses and keeps updated with the latest technological developments and analysis its applications in the textile industry.

Which products you exhibited at ITMA 2019? Did ITMA meet your expectation?

Embee is a known as a world leader for manufacturing the complete package for textile rotary printing. In ITMA 2019, we exhibited our Pre-print, Print and Post-print solution for textile rotary printing .

Pre print solution mainly focuses on screen preparation and color paste preparation machinery and equipments for which Embee for which Embee holds No.1 position in India. Embee exhibited Smart Color which is a complete package for color paste preparation. A fully automatic color kitchen system is the latest innovation in Smart Color. The most recent innovation in the engraving plant is LaserBird –  laser screen stripping machine and SmartLaser –  laser screen engraving machine was also the part of the stall.

Print solution includes rotary printing machines. We exhibited our hi-tech rotary screen printing machine-InfiniumiD which is an ideal option for the 21st century textile printer. InfiniumiD is more than a state of the art machine. It provides high accuracy, sharp printing results, high volume and high speed printing.

The post print solutions include washing equipments such as Multiple Rotary Screen Washer Machine, Multiple Squeegee Washer Machine and Drum Washers for which we are also No.1 in India.

How is Embee different from its competitor?

As far as competition is concerned, innovation is one of our core strength. We keep on developing new innovative products continuous every year but beyond innovation, it’s our vision. We believe that whatever Embee offers it must be No.1 in terms of efficiency and value and that itself  differentiates us from the competitors.

If you consider the textile industry, we are world’s leading company manufacturing the complete package for textile rotary printing which is extensive yet focused product range.

Interview: Dilek Hayırlı