England: Country influenced by the world

England is the largest and centralized country of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. England; located on the British isles separated from continental Europe with the North Sea in the east and the English Channel in the south. The country covers the middle and southern parts of the British island.

England: Country influenced by the world

England’s capital is London. In the England and throughout the United Kingdom, the territorial administration system is complex. There is no single structure in local governments.

One of the World’s Strongest Economies

England has one of the world’s most powerful economies. In the country where the mixed market economy is dominant, free market principles are applied in places. England is also an important economy of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is the 18th most powerful country in the world in terms of GDP per capita. British pounds are used as currency in the UK.

Nested in Culture, Art and Architecture

Lulworth Castle is one of the important historical structures. The fortress is also called a fake fortress because it is built as a hunting house. The castle has three floors and has two towers. It is one of the most preferred points by tourists. The Bodiam Castle, which offers a separate atmosphere, was built in 1385 and has remained intact until today. While visiting this castle, you may encounter fresh water fish and people wearing medieval clothes. When you go to the highest point of the castle, you will be greeted by the magnificent view of the Rother Valley.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The museum, which houses the world’s largest decorative arts, surprises the viewers with their workmanship. The museum hosts 4.5 million objects. The museum dates back to 1852. Tower Bridge, built on the River Thames, was opened in 1894. Bascule bridge is one of the most popular types of bridge and leaves a nice exposure to those who visit here every year. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the Anglican cathedral located in London. It is also the center of the Bishop of London. Opened in 1708, the Cathedral has preserved its popularity to this day.

The British take care of kindness and etiquette

British temperament is uncompanionable. They consider kindness and good manners important. In the UK, queuing is also important. It is an expected behavior even when entering the museum or getting on the bus. In England, traffic flows from the left.