Environmental Solutions for Synthetic Yarn Spinning from VB SET

The textile industry has taken its own action to design a route towards a green and sustainable production cycle. On synthetic yarn spinning, VB SET offers to its customers solutions helping to protect the environment. The company will host its visitors at the ITM 2022 with its newest technologies.

Environmental Solutions for Synthetic Yarn Spinning from VB SET

VB SET company took the first step to reduce the water and chemical consumption related to the dyeing process. On synthetic fibres, the solution is to dope-dye (or solution-dye) the fibre adding the colour while it is manufactured. The help to the environment is significant:

– Less water consumption

– Less chemical consumption

– Less energy consumption

VB-SET is active since long time with its VB-MAST technology to produce dope-dyed fibres on its spinning machines. With this technology, based on a specially designed dynamic mixer and with the possibility of dosing through a side extruder system, it is possible to achieve high performance in terms of colour fastness and uniformity.

Moreover VB SET is offering a wide range of colour matching machines, EASYSPIN-LAB, to make the small samples of coloured yarn for master batch development for all types of dope dyed yarn (POY, FDY, BCF and HT).

A second step is aimed to recycle the waste material. Especially on polyester the amount of post-consumer material that is recycled is negligible. The waste recycling is mandatory to help the environment.

VB SET is offering two different systems to allow a more effective mechanical recycling of the waste:

VB-IPS (Infrared Purification System) is a recycling unit based on the waste decontamination in solid state using a combination of temperature and vacuum.

This process is ideal for treatment of the waste in shape of flakes or granule and is based on the use of infrared for efficient heating and the vacuum for the decontamination of the granules/flakes from all volatiles without degradation of the product.

VB-CPS (Centruder Purification System) is a recycling unit based on the waste decontamination in melt phase using the Centruder, a device (patent pending) which working principle is based on a combination of centrifugation speed, temperature and vacuum that allows both the decontamination from all volatiles and the increase of the melt viscosity.

The statement made by the company included the following statement: “ITM2022 is the ideal event to meet Customers and explain about new technologies. ITM Exhibitions have been able to bring together the world’s textile technology leaders under the same roof and Turkey is undoubtedly one of the main markets to introduce the most advanced technologies in yarn spinning.”