Erdemoğlu Holding to Invest Billion Dollars This Year

Erdemoğlu Holding is investing in three stages with a total value of 1 billion dollars in Sasa Polyester, which it acquired 4 years ago.

Erdemoğlu Holding to Invest Billion Dollars This Year

Erdemoğlu Holding is investing in three stages with a total value of 1 billion dollars in Sasa Polyester, which it acquired 4 years ago.

The first phase, 250 million dollars worth of fiber investment was completed. Fiber production Capacity İncreased From 750 Tons / Day To 1.8 Thousand Tons / Day.

Sasa Will Complete 1 Billion Dollars Investment in 2020 First Half

The giant investment move of Adana based Sasa Polyester continues at full speed. At the end of 2016, the first phase of the investments, which were initiated in 3 main branches, was completed in the last months, while the poy-texturing and bottle chips investments planned from scratch will be put into operation in the first half of 2020.

Sasa Polyester was acquired by Erdemoglu Holding 4 years ago when it was one of Sabancı Holding’s long-established industrial companies. Among the investments started at the end of 2016, the capacity, which was 750 tons / day in the fiber production facility, was increased by 50 thousand tons and increased to 1.8 thousand / day.

Sasa Board Member and General Manager Mehmet Seker

Sasa Board Member and General Manager Mehmet Seker, 250 million dollars in this area of ​​Turkey’s new $ 150 million investment brings that they prevent the import. Dr. Sugar, “With our new investments into the circuit in the last month in this area we give money to all of Turkey’s needs,” he says.

Sasa will contribute 500 million dollars products to the indigenization

The facilities established from scratch stand out among Sasa’s investments. One of them, poy and texturing in the field of $ 400 million investment, will be completed in June 2020’in. Kortex also carry out activities in this area will be the largest manufacturer of Sasa, arriving by way of import products in Turkey will contribute $ 500 million to the indigenization.

100 Million Dollars Investment From Sasa to Glass Bottle Chips

Another production issue that Sasa started from scratch is in the field of bottle chips. Making the first investment in plastic bottle chips, Sasa invests $ 100 million in glass bottle chips. With the investment to be completed this month, 800 tons of products will be introduced to the market. With the new facility, imports will be prevented, as well as exports to giant groups will be opened.

Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu

Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu stated that they use the opportunities of equity and financial resources in their investments in certain ratios and said, “Erdemoğlu’s companies are always strong. We have a strategy. We are very sensitive about distributing dividends in Sasa. We have an investment priority strategy in dividends. ” he said.

Sasa Polyester is launching important investment plans in succession. When all investments come into play, it will be the largest organization in the field of a vast geography, including the US, extending all over Europe and India.

Erdemoğlu’s giant production plant project, which will provide raw materials to Sasa, has a structure that will change the dynamics in the global industry. The total investment amount of the project, which is planned to be realized by prioritizing the production of MEG and PTA in Adana Yumurtalık, reaches $ 11.8 billion. Previously allocated to the Çalık Group 8.5 million square meters of land for the land, under the guidance of the Ministry of the EIA report started the process of expressing Erdemoglu Holding Chairman İbrahim Erdemoğlu, said they received the EIA report two weeks ago. Erdemoğlu said they expect permission for the allocation of land from the Industry and Trade Ministry, “Turkey billions of dollars of imports performs each year for raw materials will make the production. We can start right investment after the acquisition of land. Whether allocated, whether by privatization after the supply of land in ovarian most for our country we can start one of the big projects immediately, “he said.

Erdemoğlu stating there would be very near Sasa of the largest customers when they switch to raw material production in the ovaries, speaks as follows: “We will prevent Turkey’s $ 5 billion deficit with the investment. We will prevent the 12-15 billion dollar deficit when Products converted to be exported. Africa, Middle East, Russia as well as European production baseWe will be. When this happens, we demand $ 30 billion share of our region’s $ 60 billion imports. We will provide cheap and qualified raw material guarantee to the market with Yumurtalık. There will be billions of dollars of successive new investments that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs “.