Fadis 4.0: A Winder At The Customer’s Service

Fadis will be present at ITMA Barcellona in H7 – B209, with a stand where all the lines and innovations will be displayed.

Fadis 4.0: A Winder At The Customer’s Service

Fadis is synonymous with precision winding machines;  the oldest company owned by the same family since its establishment in 1960. It is a leading company in the production of soft winders, rewinders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling and cops winders, intermingling and air texturizing machines for the processing of any kind of yarn, from cotton, wool and silk to artificial and synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns and fancy yarns.

In the past five-year period, sales have increased to staggering numbers: +80% with over 30 million turnovers in 2018. This can be attributed to the choices made by Fadis in the past. First of all, investments in R&D and innovations of the production itself in 4.0 key. The company currently invests 6% of annual revenues to upgrade its machinery for higher performance and more flexible production, and also creates new machines by anticipating the needs of its domestic and international clientele. In fact, planning has been organized on an open platform system.

All machinery models have been optimized to make them adaptable to the individual textile sectors, from upholstery to hosiery, from shirting to knitwear, from medical to high performance technical yarns to carpets.

Over time, the production line has been enriched with other lines related to the evolution of synthetic yarns, such as cops winding and air texturizing.

To choose the complete Fadis cycle (from the beginning to the end) offers a big advantage : Fadis becomes the reference partner, so as to advise and customize the right machines to resolve all the customer requirements.

The company made the right choice by keeping the whole production based in Italy and working with 95% Italian suppliers: Flexibility in swiftly meeting the customers’ needs, a guarantee of total quality (checks, tests) and the most prestigious certifications are the company’s strengths.

Furthermore, Fadis has completely reorganized its production premises, logistics and internal organization in the light of Industry 4.0.

Package Line – One Solution For All Problems

A new line of compact and efficient double-sided rewinders, with a complete range of machines with automatic doffing will be presented as a preview at the ITMA exhibition.

Elastic And Elastomeric Yarn Line – The Right Machine For Each Process

Air Intermingling Machine – Air Covering – Air Texturization Machine – The Universal Machine :

The highest level of “open platform” constructional design is found in the Sincro Multipla machine. This is a “multi-function” machine equipped with the high technology that distinguishes the whole “Sincro” line, able to meet 8 different production needs: soft winder, rewinder, assembly winder, air intermingling machine, air covering, air covering from FAPPTM, MUFF and hanks, Air Covering Dual Core machine and the new Texturizating machine that will be presented at ITMA 2019 to complete the line.

Cops Winding Line

This absolute novelty will be presented at ITMA 2019. Brand-new and revolutionary, the Sincro Copsy machine is meant to prepare cops and flanged bobbins (i.e. Hamel type).

The uniqueness of this new machine is the possibility to double (at least) the productivity when compared to existing machines, simplifying the performance and loading and unloading of the bobbins by the operator, thanks to an innovative technical solution which changes its ergonomics. All this is made possible by using independent winding spindles equipped with an electronic yarn-guide, with precision crossing and motorized bobbin.