Fiberflon Exports More Than 90% of Annual Production

Fiberflon delivers its products to the customers with its factory which is in Turkey, a wide network of distributors and sales offices in various countries. Thousands of companies in more than 60 countries like Europe, the Far East, Australia, North and South America use Fiberflon products.

Fiberflon Exports More Than 90% of Annual Production

Founded in 1988 Fiberflon is a world class manufacturer and preferred supplier of PTFE (Teflon) and silicone coated fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes and belting products.

The company which exports more than 90% of its annual output manufactures various composites with high temperature and chemical resistant, nonstick properties, which are formed by coating and / or laminating woven materials of advanced fibrics such as Fiberglass, Kevlar, Nomex with various fluoropolymers. Fiberflon uses high levels of technology to design high-quality products, combining the most advanced machinery and equipment with extensive experience in coating, lamination, textile and chemistry. The company’s engineers conduct research and devel- opment activities regularly and gives emphasis to the devel- opment of ways to manufacture more efficiently which help reduce costs, improve quality and match individual requirements. In addition, the company is constantly investing in R & D activities. Fiberflon® PTFE (Teflon) coated advanced fabrics and process conveyor belts are helping to solve problems in many industries interms of using in heat- sealing, curing and drying applications all kind of rubbers, plastics and textiles, food processing, architectural tensile structures, fabric expansion joints and many others.