Fil Control Sells Its Products to the World Through Its Strong Agent Network

The sensor expert, Fil Control develops and produces yarn sensors and yarn cutters for the textile machinery industry. The company sells its products all around the world, through its sales department and its agent network.

Fil Control Sells Its Products to the World Through Its Strong Agent Network

Fil Control is specialized in studying, developing, producing and selling equipment devices for the textile machinery industry. With their 3 major fields: yarn cutters, yarn break sensors and quality control equipment, Fil Control offers its customers and partners solutions to control the yarn.

All around the world, major textile manufacturers are trusting Fil Control’s solutions in its 3 major fields:

  • yarn cutters, which can satisfy all kinds of personalized and bespoke demands,
  • yarn sensors, utilizing capacitive, optical, reflective, piezoelectric and strength gauge technology,
  • hall effect sensors, installed on numerous different kinds of application, such as motor rpm counting.

Fil Control offers 4 types of sensors:

Capacitive sensors: Monitor the tension variations produced by the electrical charges into the yarn in linear motion. (PA, PE, PES, PP, Spandex …)

Optical sensors: Thanks to infrared beam, optical sensors control the presence of the yarn during linear, to-and-fro or ballooning motion.

Piezo-electric sensors: Monitor a very slow motion or record yarn vibrations of the yarn sliding on ceramic.

Electromechanical sensors: Are used when the presence or absence of the yarn must be controlled at a lower cost

Fil Control developed a marketing and commercial policy of globalization, targeting the whole market of the yarn textile industry. With a reactive and competent team, Fil Control has become one of the most famous brand on this market.

Thanks to the skills and experience of their engineering department, in electronic, mechanic and design, Fil Control can answer to generic needs, but also to any kind of bespoken demands, by adapting or developing their products to answer to each specific application of their customers.

A lot of the world famous textile machinery manufacturer already trust in Fil Control for many years: Oerlikon – Fadis – Savio – Ratti – Icbt – Verdol – Nsc Schlumberger – Aiki – Belmont – Galan – Haiyuan – Hongyuan – Coral – Taitan – Kaigong – Pacific – Jingwei Group.