From Napoleonic French Army Clothes to Endless Felts and Dryer Belts

The company Dollfus & Muller is now more than 200 years old and manufactures specialized technical textiles: endless felts and endless belts. The Dollfus & Muller Sanfor felts are recognised by most of the major machine makers as the best felts.

From Napoleonic French Army Clothes to Endless Felts and Dryer Belts

It was established in 1811. Dollfus & Muller is the result of the merging of two companies in 1995: Dollfus & Noack and Manufacture Muller. From the beginning of the 19th century these companies have been through many changes and worked in many business areas, but already in the 1850’s started to manufacture technical textiles.

Today, Dollfus & Muller is a leading manufacturer of endless felts and dryer belts especially for the Textile finishing and Tanneries. Dynajet is a sales department of Dollfus & Muller specialized in fabrics for ink jet printers and wide widths fabrics for theaters and events.

Dollfus & Muller product range

  • compacting felts for knit finishing
  • sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing
  • printing dryer belts for textile printing
  • sublimation blankets for transfer printing
  • decatizing felts for wool finishing
  • dryer belts for thermo-bonding ovens
  • tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing

Dollfus & Muller improved the compacting felt for knit finishing with major evolutions versus the other products in order to serve better the dyeing houses. The compacting felt quality brings a special care to the fabrics thanks to its smoothest surface, has an excellent guiding and the best compacting rate in relations with its new exclusive compacting felt design.

The Dollfus & Muller sanforizing palmer felts are ideal for Denim producers. Furthermore, Dollfus & Muller manufacture durable printing dryer belt qualities. These print dryer belts are the most durable printing dryer belt specially designed for pigment printing of bed sheeting. Dollfus & Muller has its exclusive print open mesh belt specially designed for the production of fine fabrics, scarves, flags, these belts have special non marking surfaces which can avoid as well the particles on the back side. Dollfus & Muller has the widest range of printing dryer belts and the strongest dryer belts.


Compacting felts represented in Turkey by Cetin Makine which owned Ali Cetin. Ali Çetin says the following about Dollfus & Muller: “The name Dollfus & Muller and the quality of their products are well known worldwide and it is a great honor to represent them. We have started selling their felts for com- pacting machines in Turkey since 2013. The Turkish market was using felts from all the manufacturers. The customers were complaining of non-transparency and instability of price with the other manufacturers. The quality and life of the felts were inconsistent and the customers were praying for some good man- ufacturers to step-in to meet their requirements. When we started marketing in 2013, the market was slow in recognizing Dollfus&Muller, obviously due to their experiences with other manufacturers. One customer after the other tried Dollfus& Muller’s felts and they realized, the felts were giving better shrinkage control and life. The price uniformity and fairness was introduced and since then there is no looking back for Dollfus& Muller in Turkey.

The Company Dollfus&Muller, their Executives are excellent and their after sales service is very much supporting which every customer is happy about. The R&D of Dollfus Muller is strong and they keep improving the felts and listening to market feedback.”