Giant Factory from LC Waikiki to Aksaray

LC Waikiki, one of the biggest clothing brands in Turkey, laid the foundation of the factory to be established in Aksaray with an investment of 3 billion 650 million TL. It is planned to employ 5 thousand people in the factory.

Giant Factory from LC Waikiki to Aksaray

The foundation of the factory to be established by LC Waikiki in Aksaray was laid with a ceremony. Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu, who spoke at the ceremony, said that Aksaray is the shining star of Central Anatolia in terms of its geopolitical location, working manpower and promising investment potential.

Stating that Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) has a deep-rooted institution and identity, Aydoğdu said: “The occupancy rate of our OIZ is 98 percent. 12 thousand of our citizens work in the factories here and bring home the bread. The demand is clear in Aksaray and it is increasing day by day. We are taking a big step towards becoming the logistics center of Central Anatolia.”

Aydoğdu stated that they will lay the foundation for one of the biggest investments of LC Waikiki, one of Turkey’s leading clothing brands. Explaining that the factory will be built on an area of 550 thousand square meters, Aydoğdu said, “I would like to thank LC Waikiki, one of Turkey’s textile giants, with 608 stores in 28 countries. The factory will cost 3.65 billion TL, and when it is completed, 5 thousand people will be employed.”

“We planned the factory to become a base”

Necip Özçer, Member of the Board of LC Waikiki, stated that they plan the factory to be able to supply chain to the entire world hinterland and to become a basic base. Noting that the factory will make very valuable contributions to the Turkish economy, Özçer following this words: “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. It is a very honorable day for us as well. In parallel with our growth, we laid the foundation of a big investment in Aksaray, it will bring blessings to our country and our nation.”