Giant Textile Factory from İbişler Tekstil to Fatsa

İbişler Tekstil is establishing a textile factory of 10 thousand square meters in Fatsa Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). In the first stage, 1,200 people will be employed at the factory and will be export to 17 countries.

Giant Textile Factory from İbişler Tekstil to Fatsa

İbişler Tekstil is counting down the days for the Black Sea’s largest textile investment. The construction of the factory to be established in Fatsa OSB has reached the final stage. The factory, which will be established in a closed area of 10 thousand square meters in total, is planned to open in 90 days. In the first phase, 1200 people will be employed at the factory.

It will export to 17 EU countries

İbişler Tekstil, owned by İlhan İbiş, who is  businessperson from Ordu Aybastı will export from Fatsa to 17 EU countries, including Germany, France and Spain.

İlhan İbiş stated that Fatsa factory will be the biggest textile factory of the Black Sea said, “Undoubtedly, it is important to invest in every part of our country. As İbişler Tekstil, we have investments in İstanbul, where the heart of the economy beats. However, I am proud to invest in my hometown Ordu. If we can contribute to the reduction of unemployment in the region with this investment, I will be very happy.”

It Has Production Facilities in İstanbul, Düzce and France

Stating that he did not even think about stopping the investment despite the pandemic, İbiş said, “I think the important thing is to continue investing even nowadays. I am also aware of how important this investment is for our region. I invite the owners of companies that have reached a certain size to at least invest in their own country. Thus, as business people, we will make an important contribution to the elimination of the development gap between regions.”

İbişler Tekstil has production facilities in Düzce and France, as well as a 40 thousand square meter factory in Istanbul Esenyurt, where 700 people are employed.