Great Investments for Innovative Products from Sönmez Holding

Sönmez Holding, one of Turkey's leading holding and established in 1975 added another one to its investment. The company has invested 86 million TL in order to increase the capacity and quality of the companies operating in the textile sector.

Great Investments for Innovative Products from Sönmez Holding

Sönmez Holding Chairman Celal Sönmez, of a total of 86 million TL new investments in Bursa and Turkey wished to be beneficial to the economy. Holding, Sönmez Pamuklu Sanayi A.Ş. (SPS) spinning mill will increase the product capacity thanks to the first investment in the modernization. In addition to providing significant gains in energy savings, the investment and production volume will double by 70 million TL. Thanks to machines equipped with ‘Airjet’ technology, yarn production will be carried out by using air. Sönmez Holding makes its second investment to the ASF İplik Dokuma  ve Boya Sanayi A.Ş.. Sönmez Holding Chairman of the Board Celal Sönmez said, “Thanks to 10 million TL of investment in our facility will begin to use the latest technology machines.” Sönmez added that ASF exports to a wide range from USA to China from Australia to Germany.


Sönmez indicated that, another investment will be make to the Sönmez Raşel company, he added the amount of investment will be 6 million liras. Sönmez stated that they will increase their capacities in Sönmez Raşel and said; “Our strategy for growth continues in all sectors considering economic conditions in the world.”