IHI DALGAKIRAN Aim to Increase Naturalization Rate in Its Products

IHI DALGAKIRAN which is Turkey's first and only factory of Turbo Compressor, making production with the latest technology in its production facilities in IMES Kocaeli Organized Industrial Zone. The IHI DALGAKIRAN turbo compressor produced in Turkey provides services to many industries from automotive to textiles, from iron steel industry to petrochemicals.

IHI DALGAKIRAN Aim to Increase Naturalization Rate in Its Products

With up to 35% energy savings compared to conventional compressors, IHI DALGAKIRAN Turbo Compressors provide a great advantage in the energy costs of enterprises. IHI DALGAKIRAN, which has commissioned the first turbo compressor production line in our country, plans to increase the localization rate with additional investments to its factory this year. Kazuo Kobayashi, CEO of IHI DALGAKIRAN who said that naturalization was the first target of the company, “In the coming period, we aim to increase our naturalization rate to 85 percent. We want to increase our product to a more advanced level by adapting it according to our geography.” he said.

IHI DALGAKIRAN Director General Yakub Tüfekci, who said R & D department of voicing constitute 30% of the company expressed that, “Today, the R & D center in the compressor industry there is only one company in Turkey, it is; DALGAKIRAN Compressor. We will open the second R & D center with IHI DALGAKIRAN.”

Offering sales and service in all of Turkey IHI DALGAKIRAN, offers its products to Europe, Middle East, Turkic Republics and African market. According to the conventional compressor technology, up to 35% energy saving turbo compressors (CLASS 0 Air quality) produces 100% oil-free compressed air. IHI DALGAKIRAN products offer tailor-made solutions for all sectors of the industry, including large textile companies, pharmaceutical industry, iron and steel plants, glass and power plants. The most important advantages of the company are; low maintenance and operating costs of the products and production of customer-specific products. “I see Turkey as an incredibly important in terms of the industry’s development potential,” said IHI DALGAKIRAN CEO Kazuo Kobayashi. He stated that, “IHI company made the Golden Horn Bridge, FSM Bridge and Osman Gazi Bridge in Turkey and continues its activities in Turkey for many years. For this reason, the company see Turkey as a strategic country. The IHI DALGAKIRAN company we established is the fourth and the most advanced Turbo Compressor factory in the world connected to IHI group.”