Innovations from the Textile World for Modern Life

Karl Mayer will be presenting state-of-the art technology and best-of-textile solutions for warp knitting, warp preparation and technical textiles at ITMA 2019.

Innovations from the Textile World for Modern Life

Karl Mayer will take its visitors on a voyage of discovery through the textile world of tomorrow at ITMA, which is to be held from 20 to 26 June 2019. The meeting-point for all this will be at stand 8.0/B107 on the exhibition site in Barcelona. Here, the visitors can expect a display of highly efficient, complete solutions for production, which will give them the edge over their competitors in the long term.

The show includes flexible, trendsetting machines with excellent cost: benefit ratios for use in warp knitting, innovations in warp sampling and direct warping for the warp preparation sector, a completely new machine for composite materials, and new products of the software trendsetter of the industry, KM.ON.

The subject of “Future in Textiles” will also showcase well-thought-out textile solutions for modern living and highlight the most important trends of our times – digitisation and sustainability. Innovative warp preparation technology for processing high-quality yarns and a display of exciting fabrics will round off Karl Mayer’s presentation at ITMA.

This innovative show is intended to inspire the sector. “With the innovations that we intend to show at ITMA, we are forging a link from machine building, through applications, textiles and yarns, to the world of digitisation. With our holistic approach, we meet the demands of the upheavals of our time.

The nature of production, as well as the use of resources and new technology, and the development of new fabrics and textile materials are all changing radically. These far-reaching changes are throwing up many questions. With the offers of our company, we want to provide our customers with answers and make them confident that their future will be a successful one,” says Arno Gärtner, Karl Mayer’s CEO.

Under the Lace.Express trademark, Karl Mayer launched the OJ series in 2016, perfectly tailored to the special needs of the apparel market. At ITMA 2019, this manufacturer will now present a self-contained, complete 134″ machine platform for the intimate sector., The company will offer a B- (Back) version and a F-Jacquard (Front) version for each of the representatives. In Barcelona an OJ 91/1 B will be on show.

As far as the double raschel technology is concerned, Karl Mayer will show how a new RDPJ 6/2 EL machine can be used to open up a previously unknown product world. Eye-catching 4D-Knit.Solutions articles can be seen in the “Future of Textiles” area. A live machine demonstration will be organized to present the RDPJ 6/2 EL, 138ʺ, in a gauge of E 24.

As innovation in the field of tricot machines, Karl Mayer will be displaying the first three-bar HKS 3-M-ON model with electronic guide bar control.

Innovations for the entire warp preparation sector

Karl Mayer will showcase its new Multi-Matic® 32 for producing sample and short production warps. This new machine impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio. and offers all the advantages of the Kamcos® 2 platform. Thanks to the integrated OPC UA interface in particular, the machine can be digitally networked and the operating data can be collected in real time.

Moreover, Karl Mayer will be showing the new stop motion Multiguard as prototype. Positioned at the exit to the creel, this newcomer continuously determines the yarn tension values of all the yarns, thus, also controlling any yarn breakages and tension peaks.

Guests will be able to experience the latest generation of sectional warping machines via a live link at Karl Mayer’s German site in Hausen. The Prowarp® will be demonstrating its new features and capabilities.

Also on show will be the new Link-Matic® system for the automatic knotting of the batches on the Prodye-S indigo machine and the Prosize sizing machine. By means of this innovation it is possible to reduce retooling times to just a few minutes.

Premiere of a composite machine and innovative technical applications

Not only the new machine will be presented at ITMA, but also one of the products produced on it, together with the sequences for producing a structural component for the automobile sector.

In the „Future of Textiles“ area, the visitors will have the opportunity to see very promising applications for the textiles manufactured on the machines made by Karl Mayer Technische Textilien.