Innovative Dyeing Technologies from Tecnorama

Rotodyrama is the latest dyeing module conceived and patented by Tecnorama to be placed in the well-known Dos&Dye® system and able to carry out dyes on fabric or knitted fabric samples.

Innovative Dyeing Technologies from Tecnorama

This laboratory machine is the only one with 5 independent dyeing units with a maximum loading capacity of 50g. Rotodyrama is the evolution of the Shakerama model and both use the same dyeing concept that is the movement of the dye-bath and, simultaneously, also that of the material. It repeats, in laboratory, the same dyeing system used in the “rotating basket” machines for bulk allowing the sample result to be perfectly matched to the next production items.

The Dos&Dye®, composed by a Dosorama dispensing machine and a robotized dyeing module, works independently for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It automatically performs the dye-bath without any operator intervention and matches the features complying with Industry 4.0. All the dyeing operations from sample loading to washing are completely managed by the system. The Dos&Dye® system can manage and perform all the laboratory dyeing cycles increasing the productivity both for laboratory and bulk. The Right First Time result grants the exact recipe coming from the laboratory with a huge saving of time dedicated to a production batch with considerable advantages for the dye-house.

Adopting a Tecnorama fully-automatic system means the decrease in the labour dedicated to the
sampling and the possibility of working during night or weekends. Definitive efficiency is given by eliminating errors in dispensing and by a considerable reduction in the dyeing to
get the exact recipe.  Thanks to the optimization of production processes and to the overcoming of those limits inherent in the manual management of laboratory, the system reduces water and energy consumption for an environment-friendly approach and for a considerable saving of time and money.

The solutions offered by Tecnorama are the results of the studies of the internal Research&Development Department. The huge investments, the numerous industrial property rights and other essential requirements officially qualifies Tecnorama as Innovative SME, a prestigious recognition just received in accordance with the Directives of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

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