Innovative Twisting Solutions for Carpet Yarns and Ropes

Meera Industries Limited is going to exhibit its range of innovative twisting Machines for carpet Yarns, Ropes, Twines and Thread at ITMA 2019 at Barcelona, between 20th - 26th June 2019, Hall No. 6, Stall No. C204.

Innovative Twisting Solutions for Carpet Yarns and Ropes

Having a customer centric approach Meera’s main designing principal has always been energy optimization, high productivity and ease of use.

Carpet Cabler / Carpet Twister is a heavy-duty direct cabling / Twisting machine with sturdy structure designed to produce premium quality yarns for carpet at most economical cost. Having a Denier Range of 1200-12000, this Twister / Cabler is suitable for all types of BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) and Textured yarns like PP, Polyester, Nylon.

Energy conservation, high productivity and ease of use are the principal in mind when we designed Direct Cabler CK-260. The Machine is loaded with several features which add to high productivity, better production management through advanced reporting through smart quality control and software solutions CK-260 is highly eficient, economical and easy to operate cabling machine comparable to similar machines from European markets.

TPRS is a One Step Ply and Cable Twisting Machine

MEERA being pioneer of TPRS technology is proud to Exhibit this machine at the show. TPRS is also known as One Step Twine Twister For Cotton, Polyester Nylon, PP for denier upto 25000. Traditionally Ply and Cabling Process took 3 Steps, through TPRS technology the same Twine can now be made in just in One step.

Twisting up to 4 Ply and denier range from 3000-25000, TPRS is available in three different models, TPRS-19, TPRS-25 and TPRS-50. Over all costing of producing S/Z yarns through TPRS is 40% less compared to traditional methods. Easy to Use, Highly Ecient TPRS has proven to be a boon for Fish Net Yarns, stitch thread, carpet yarn, industrial thread , PP Mouth Closing Thread , Ropes and Twines, Rafia etc.

Ring Twister, the third machine at the show for making technical yarns like glass, dyneema, carbon and ropes, cotton twines, rafia twines, mop yarns, artificial grass, upto 6 mm etc. meera’s ring twister is a high speed fully automatic twisting machine with precise ring rail control, pneumatic pressurised yarn feeding, ındividual spindle drive motor available in various ring size from 140 – 300 mm. meera is planning to demonstrate twisting of mop yarns, glass yarns during the show.