İşbir Sentetik Listed in Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises

İşbir Sentetik, a subsidiary of İşbir Holding, is listed as 483rd among the "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises," which constitutes the most valuable data of the industrial sector, by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

İşbir Sentetik Listed in Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises

Metin Gültepe, CEO of İşbir Holding stated that being among the top 500 companies in Turkey is an honor and accompanies responsibility, continued his statement as follows, ‘‘We are proud to be in the super-league of the industrial sector, which is the most valuable leverage of our country’s economy. Last year, we were highly ranked among the second 500 companies and our consistent growth provided us to move on to the top 500 list. Now, our aim is to climb up within this group. We will accelerate our success in production and export with R&D studies and increase our performance year by year.’’

The company will increase production and employment capacity

Stating that İşbir Sentetik did not postpone its investment plans, which started in the first months of 2020, despite the troublesome pandemic outbreak, and that the planned growth was realized in the first quarter of 2021, Gültepe expressed that both production and employment capacity will continue to increase as planned.

Conducting business with the mission of being the global solution partner of its customers through its quality, innovative and reliable products in the industrial packaging and technical textile sector, İşbir Sentetik exports to 40 countries in four continents as of 2021. Exporting 65 percent of its production, the company has sales offices in the USA, Germany, England, Israel, and another production facility in India.

Worldwide Growth Target

Export capacity, which is of great importance for the Turkish economy, plays a key role in the success of İşbir Sentetik. Gültepe stated, ‘‘Our Balıkesir factory is one of the largest Bigbag production facilities in our country and Europe. In addition to our annual production capacity of 60 thousand tons in Turkey, we aim to grow worldwide with our BigBag factory that we opened in India.’’

Emphasizing that sustainability is an invariable part of İşbir Sentetik’s goals, Gültepe reduced carbon emissions by using renewable energy with the 9.7 MegaWatt solar energy system (GES) investment, which was realized in 2020 as one of the biggest rooftop projects for Turkey at the time. This solar energy system helped reduce carbon emissions by approximately 150 every year and contributed to the breathing of a thousand trees.