ISKO™ Introduces R-TWO™50+, Engineered for Nature

Premium denim ingredient brand ISKOTM is once again pioneering sustainable fashion by announcing R-TWOTM50+. Part of Responsible InnovationTM, R-TWOTM50+ creates stunning, high-quality denim that is less harmful to the natural world.

ISKO™ Introduces R-TWO™50+, Engineered for Nature

The new R-TWOTM generation is made with a minimum of 50% recycled blend fashion fabrics. It’s innovation that stays in harmony with the planet, while upholding the outstanding quality of ISKO’s fabrics.

This is denim cut from a different cloth – engineered for less emissions, less water, less resources and less waste.

R-TWOTM50+ reduces carbon emissions by as much as 45% and water usage by as much as 65%. An exclusive yarn spinning technology, patented by ISKO, uses a minimum of 50% recycled materials to reduce reliance on natural resources.

It makes beautiful fabrics that are stronger and more durable. They have excellent shape recovery, a soft cotton hand feel and dry up to 20% more quickly.

Fabrics have Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification

ISKO knows that the journey to a more sustainable industry starts with honesty. That’s why they’re proud that R-TWOTM50+ fabrics have Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, which provides standardised verification for recycled materials. It means that denim lovers will be assured that R-TWOTM50+ denim is fashionable fabric that truly supports a greener world.

R-TWOTM50+ aims to lead the way in best practices, increasing transparency and responsibility, empowering the entire supply chain, and helping brands to meet their low-impact targets.

ISKO is also the first in the fashion market to achieve an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scoring, which measures companies’ sustainability and societal impact. It’s a testament to ISKO’s effort towards full transparency and accountability.

“We are extremely proud of R-TWOTM50+ and our advancements that open up a new frontier of Responsible InnovationTM” says ISKO’s Head of Sustainability, Ebru Özküçük. “Our vision goes beyond just using low impact materials and extends to ISKO’s culture and systems. We believe that in order to make a credible and comprehensive industry roadmap towards sustainability, the carbon footprint must evaluate that the products, and also the processes, are executed responsibly. This is the only way to try and eradicate greenwashing.”