ITAMMA: Towards Making Indian Textile Industry a World Leader

Among important manufacturing countries of global textile and ready-wear industry, India takes place with a long history in industry.

ITAMMA: Towards Making Indian Textile Industry a World Leader

Among important manufacturing countries of global textile and ready-wear industry, India takes place with a long history in industry. Jugal Kishore Pansari, Vice President of the Indian Textile Accessories& Machinery Manufacturers’ Assciation’ evaluated the latest export figures and organization’s activities to our Textile Technology Magazine for ‘India Special Issue’. ‘Indian Textile Accessories & Machinery Manufacturers’ Association’ (ITAMMA) now celebrating its  Platinum Jubilee Year and whose foundation was laid in the pre-independence era, has an illustrious history of the serving the nation and the textile industry by furthering the cause of development of technology, supply of latest machinery, parts and services and promoting exports.

ITAMMA President Jugal Kishore Pansari informed Tekstil Teknoloji magazine about the activities of the association and the textile industry of India.

ITAMMA at present  has more than 400 members, with many Associations & Chambers of Commerce in India as affiliated Satellite/ inter alia members  and is Accredited by NABET with “DIAMOND Grade” at “National level” and have been awarded the most prestigious  Award for Responsible Indian BMOs under the category of ‘Environment Responsibility.’

ITAMMA regularly participates in Textile machinery exhibitions in India and abroad, being invited as a Supporting Associations at ITMA, ITM, DTG, VTG, Indo Intertex, ITMA-Asia, Irantex, etc. to showcase the technology, capability, product range and international presence of the Indian TEI and also organizes Networking Dinners for closer interaction between members and senior executives and entrepreneurs from the user industry. ITAMMA is one of the founder member of India ITME Society that organizes the world famous ITME Exhibitions in India since 4 decades. To encourage our members in Exports we offer “Export Excellence Awards.”

ITAMMA is providing support and guidance to our members for adoption of the best practices in manufacturing, such as 5S, LEAN Management, Industry 4.0, Yelow belt certification, TPM, ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT (ZED certification) through seminars, workshops, LEAN Clusters, expert deputation, etc.

ITAMMA have created an R&D platform to our members by having MOU partners in 4 Countries & 27 institutions in India in the field of Research & Development.

To promote the concept of innovation ecosystem, ITAMMA took the initiative to organize Workshops on “Creating an Eco-system for innovations & technology development in Textile industry” at  various important Textile Clusters which received overwhelming response, active participation and valuable suggestions from the Mills, Machinery and parts manufacturers, Consultants, Academicians & Govt. bodies.

The government policies now rightly focused and so the Government Schemes of “Make in India,” “Skill India,” and “Start Up India” were addressed effectively during these workshops.

ITAMMA launched its ITAMMA Expert Panel having 78 Technology experts in the fields of Textiles, Metallurgy, Rapid prototyping and 3D printing, Mechatronics and Low Cost Automation, Product Design, etc. on this Panel.

Considering today’s era of Smart & Digital Manufacturing   followed by Responsible Manufacturing, being the mantra of sustainable growth in the Global Challenging Market, we have focused our activities further supported by 5S, Lean, Product Design Projects, Operational Excellence, etc. We have seen the tremendous development in Technologies in the field of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electronics, and Computerization, etc and are also experiencing the implementation of all these technologies   in the indigenously manufactured machines and accessories.

To encourage our members in these areas we have also introduced “Make in India Award for Excellence” and “Operational Excellence Award.”

Further to create an awareness of  these technologies  among our members we  have brought our  print publication ITAMMA Voice magazine, with the themes of “Operational Excellence” on  topics like Lean, ZED, Industry 4.0 Manufacturing, Digital & Smart Manufacturing, Innovation, Kaizen, KATA, 5S; “ Going Green,” addressing the Pollution control issues and responsible manufacturing processes and procedures; “ Brand India” conveying the message and benefits of ‘Make in India’ and the latest issue  on  “Next Generation Manufacturing, ”  address mainly the course of transformation of ITAMMA in its services and activities for the growth of Indian Textile Engineering Industry “Towards Making Indian Textile Industry A World Leader.”

At the same time Exports from Italy increased 8 percent year-on-year to EUR 43.800 billion in May 2019, mainly driven by higher sales of pharmaceutical, chemical products and botanical articles (49.8 percent); machinery and equipment (4.3 percent); textiles, clothing and leather (19.8 percent) and basic metals and metal products (6.6 percent).   Exports went up mostly to the US (16 percent); Germany (8.4 percent); Switzerland (21.4 percent); France (8.4 percent); the Netherlands (19.8 percent); Spain (5.4 percent); Belgium (7.5 percent); the UK (6.5 percent); China (3.5 percent) and Poland (1.7 percent).

While Turkey also remains among one of the world’s most important textile and apparel manufacturing countries. After vehicles, clothing is Turkeys’ most successful export product, which earned 9.4% of the country’s total exports, of them knitwear amounted to US$ 8.8bn (5.6% of total export), while exports of woven clothing reached US$6.0bn (3.8% of the total) in 2017.

According to World Trade Organization (WTO) data 2016, Turkish clothing industry with a share of 3.39% is the 6th largest supplier in the world and the 3rd largest supplier to the EU. It has a share of 4.06% in knitted and a share of 2.73% in woven clothing exports in the world.