“ITM 2022 Has Become the Most Enormous Organization Since The Pandemic”

Terrot Managing Partner Robert W. Czajkowski stated that they are very satisfied with ITM 2022 in terms of sales, performance and market demands. Czajkowski said, “The ITM 2022 Exhibition has been the most enormous commercial event to take place since the beginning of the corona pandemic.”

“ITM 2022 Has Become the Most Enormous Organization Since The Pandemic”

Managing Partner of the company, Robert W. Czajkowski

Terrot, one of the participants of the International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITM 2022, which took place after four years, is one of the leading manufacturers of circular knitting machines. We interviewed the Managing Partner of the company, Robert W. Czajkowski, for our Tekstil Teknoloji magazine. Czajkowski shared his views on the ITM 2022 Fair and the Turkish textile industry.

Could we get your opinions on what the ITM 2022, which was held after a long time, brought to the industry?

I think the most important achievement is to show that we can meet our customers and meet their needs after a very long corona period. We continued our travels to Turkey, albeit limited, during the pandemic period, but such a big meeting with many visitors not only from Turkey but also from other major markets is an important experience for us.

What are the products you exhibit at the ITM 2022 and the advantages it provides to users?


We exhibited some new, highly productive and successfully Turkey tested success stories: We were happy to introduced our Pilotelli series high-efficiency single jersey machine “JV-3.0” that combines a speed-factor of up to 1,500 on selected structures with highest pattern quality, easy handling, long maintenance cycles and low needle wear-out in an industrial frame version. In addition we displayed our high-feeder electroni­cally controlled mattress ticking Terrot series machine “UCC 594-M” which has lately become one of our machines of choice for many of the world’s leading mattress cover producers. The quality production and flexibility of our UCC 594-M unit enable it to be easily adapted to different structures and different applications. We have a wide range of products that offer our customers almost all the facilities they are looking for. The warmth of our Turkish representative to our customers makes us different here and increases our cooperation. We are able to quickly deploy the most accurate solutions for our customers.


How was the ITM 2022 Exhibition for Terrot? Did the exhibition meet your expectations?


Certainly, we are very satisfied with the sales, performance and the demands from the market. It has been the most enormous commercial organization that has taken place since the beginning of the corona pandemic.


What kind of cooperation have you signed during the exhibition?

From our point of view, exhibitions are a window to the world where we have the opportunity to show ourselves. Thanks to ITM 2022, we will also be able to reach major markets outside of Turkey.

What are your opinions about the Turkish textile sector and the Turkish market?

I think that the Turkish market has made a very high profit from the transformation that has occurred in the textile field. We see companies with a large number of experienced personnel. Thanks to its knowledge, meticulous production understanding and qualified personnel, Turkey is an exceptional market.


The effects of the pandemic are gradually decreasing all over the world. How is 2022 going for Terrot company?

While there was a lot of demand, capacity increase and new thing on our customer side, on the other hand, the increase in the prices of raw materials, transportation and electronic parts brought many difficulties. Nevertheless, we are quite lucky that this process has mastered us in everything.

We are having an extraordinary year. We grew 50% compared to last year and we expect 50% growth again this year. 2022 is promising to become a very special year in the long and extraordinary history of Terrot. As a company, we are celebrating our 160th anniversary. After a severe crisis in 2019/2020 amplified by an early hit of the Covid-19 pandemic the 50% growth in 2021 is looking to be repeated once more in the current year, with a confident volume of 260 new orders alone in the first quarter. Combined with the order inflow from 2021 this not only utilizes a large portion of our annual production capacities for this but also a significant amount for 2023. This year we will produce more machines than ever before in the company’s history.