ITM, Biggest Exhibition of Turkey in Textile Sector

Eyüp Poslu, General Manager of the Elteksmak

Elteksmak Machinery which operates in the field of textile finishing and drying technologies, is one of the participants of the ITM 2018.  

Eyüp Poslu, General Manager of the company said that they are very pleased to participate at the exhibition. Poslu expressed his appreciate by saying: “I can give the ITM 2018 ten out of ten.” 

Saying that they attended the exhibition with their stenter machine, continuous tumbler dryer, steaming machine and the High Pressure Padder Unit designed recently by them, Poslu states that they are very happy about the meetings and cooperations they established during the exhibition. Stating that especially their existing suppliers visited them at the exhibition, Poslu summarized their meetings and cooperations by saying: “As well as we did technical meetings with our suppliers, we also did assessments of the general situation with our existing customers. We had business contacts with new customers. We made some meetings regarding to establish new agencies in some regions”

Replying our question regarding whether the organization meet their expectations or not, Poslu said: “Even at the first two days of the exhibition were quite good and above our expectations. Our products were at a premium.  Especially timing was excellent. The customers could reach the location very easily. It was quite successful.”