ITM is a Great Platform to Introduce Our Products

Markus Wurster, Sales Director of Trützschler

Trützschler has been producing fiber since 1888. Trützschler Spinning, a technology market leader in the cotton yarn spinning preparation and artificial fibers sector, was among the leading companies at ITM 2018.

Sales Director of Trützschler, Markus Wurster introduces the latest innovations of the company: “We finally showed two types. One is our T-MOVE, he is our can filling station for our cards and our finisher draw frame TD8.” 

Regarding T-MOVE, the change compared to all the other systems in the market is that the cans are not moved during the change. Instead, sliver feeding is moved in linear direction via the sliver coiling plate at high speed from one can to the other. There is no need for a larger distance between the cards, even when choosing the 1,200 mm  JUMBO CANS. T-MOVE for 1,200 mm JUMBO CANS requires less space than other can changers for 1,000 mm cans. As has been customer with Trützschler for years, the T-MOVE also features a passage for operation between cards and sliver coiling system. This passage considerably shortens the distance for the operator.

On the other hand, Trützschler draw frame TD 8 is known to be more productive. As quality filter of the spinning mill, the draw frame prevents errors in the draw frame sliver. That is of high importance because quality can no longer be improved after the draw frame.

Markus Wurster stressed the importance of the Turkish market and adds: “ITM is the right place to meet them here and it is also an international fair beside the Turkish customers, we also get visitors from Tunisia, from Iran and from Egypt.