ITM is a Successful and Well Organized Exhibition

Erwin Devloo, Picanols Marketing Communications Manager

Picanol is an international group specializing in the sales of customer-focused product development, production and weaving machinery. The company has an extraordinary history in the production of high-tech rapier weaving machines. Specializing in casting and order-specific control units, Picanol exhibited weaving machines at ITM 2018.

Picanol`s products which is exhibited at ITM 2018 include:


The OptiMax-i is available in reed widths ranging from 190 to 540 centimeters. Furthermore, with its Guided Gripper system (GC) and Free Flight system (FF) it is also the most versatile.


It is a rapier weaving machine developed for towel production. The direct electronic drive of the cloth fell mechanism guarantees a perfect pile formation and enables weavers not only to program the pile height loop by loop, but also to program the pre-beat-up distance of every single filling yarn, which in turn permits endless design possibilities.

OMNIplus Summum

The OMNIplus Summum is Picanol’s high performing airjet weaving machine. The OMNIplus Summum is equipped with fully electronic pressure regulators, a separate built-in air tank for each weaving channel and a unique triple air tank configuration for the relay nozzles. This improves the user-friendliness and flexibility of the machine and significantly reduces energy consumption.

Picanol`s Marketing Communications Manager, Erwin Devloo, conveyed his views on the ITM Exhibition with the following words: “We have a lot of customers from Turkey and from neighbouring countries. ITM is a good exhibition and well organized. We have to congragulate Mr. Necip Güney and his team for doing a good job.”

Picanol has been active in Turkey since 1998 with an own organization and with offices in Istanbul and Bursa, employing a total of 26 people. The company, besides sales activities, they ensure local service, print repair and the availability of a strategic stock of spare parts.