İzmir Brode Becomes Turkey’s First Brodiery Company with GOTS Certification

İzmir Brode, one of the first embroidery companies in Turkey, has achieved significant success in the field of organic production and recycling. The company became the second company in its respective field in the world and the first in Turkey to have the ‘GOTS Organic Production and Recycling Polyester Certificate’.

İzmir Brode Becomes Turkey’s First Brodiery Company with GOTS Certification

Founded in 1984, İzmir Brode Tekstil started its activities as a workshop supplying lace to underwear manufacturing companies in those years. Today, the company has become an integrated facility with its design studio, the sample production line, yarn twisting facility, fabric trimming, fixing, and cutting-edge embroidery machines and apparatus.

The company supplies brode, guipure, lace, and embroidery-type products to underwear, indoor textile, wedding dress, and ready-to-wear manufacturers under the brands Kupon and Fiducia, which have been registered since 1998.

Fatih Güven, Chairman of the Board of İzmir Brode Tekstil

The company started to produce sequin and bead embroidered lace

Adopting the principle of continuous investment, İzmir Brode closely follows modernization and technology. İzmir Brode, which has agencies in 5 countries in Europe, releases two or three collections a year. The production of the company, which has marketing teams in Istanbul, Izmir, and Bursa, is carried out by a production team of 70 people.

İzmir Brode bought a new machine capable of handicraft embroidery in the field of flakes and beads. İzmir Brode, which started the production of sequin and bead embroidered lace with the new machines it incorporated, gained momentum in this field.

İzmir Brode company, which has a wide collection of patterns suitable for the demands of the market and the fashion of the day, has recently received the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.

Fatih Güven, Chairman of the Board of İzmir Brode Tekstil, stated that they are the first embroidery company to receive this certificate in Turkey and continued, ‘‘After us, other companies from our country also received this certificate. We are happy to set an example for such a trend.’’

In addition, Güven expressed the following, ‘‘Due to the climate crisis, the world discovered ecological production. The use of materials suitable for recycling, production methods that do not harm the environment, and the use of raw materials directly affect the preferences of the end consumer. For a livable world, we, the producers, must also have this sensitivity. This world is all ours.’’

‘‘Organic Textile Gained Acceleration’’

Explaining that this certificate, which can be called an organic production and recycled polyester use certificate, is very important for the sector, Güven continued his statements as follows, ‘‘Hard to believe but we had difficulties even obtaining the certificate. The officials did not know what to test and look for. They did not know which classification to put us in. As a result of long efforts, we explained the embroidery, and accordingly, we received our certificate.’’

Güven stated that organic textile has gained momentum in Europe and indicated, ‘‘From the raw material to the production stage, from the yarn used to the dye, organic production with nature-friendly, recyclable materials also makes a significant difference in sales. Textile and apparel companies are also starting this production in order to strengthen this perception.’’

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the world’s leading organic fiber standard in textiles, covering social, chemical, and environmental requirements at every stage of the production process. GOTS is used for products containing at least 70% organic natural fiber. All production stages, starting from the processing stages to the final vendor, must be certified.