Kipaş Holding Established New Plant with a Million Dollar Investment

The textile factory in Kahramanmaraş with Kipaş Holding’s investment of 100 million dollars was inaugurated. The R1-R3 and QE3 facilities are located in the Karaziyaret neighborhood of the Karacasu district.

Kipaş Holding Established New Plant with a Million Dollar Investment

A textile factory worth 100 million dollars was established in Kahramanmaraş. The factory consists of three groups the compact ring facility, the blended yarns ring, and the open end facility.

Hanefi Öksüz, CEO at Kipaş Holding, stated that they had set off with 30 workers at the opening of the factory 35 years ago and they are carring this flag together with 10 thousand people at the moment. He added that they operate in eight sectors, they have 8 companies among the top-1000 in Turkey, 5 of which rank in the top-500.

Stressing that they contribute to the country’s employment every year with new businesses, CEO Öksüz said, “We are one of the largest denim exporters in Turkey both in sportswear and denim fabrics. We produce fabrics for Europeans. As the industrialists, we have a big responsibility for the future and development of our country, to create jobs for our people, to raise the level of prosperity. We are making great part of our investments in our city, but we have made some investments outside our city due to the nature  of certain sectors we have entered. Kahramanmaraş has a priority for us in every kind of investment.” Öksüz stated that they started building the Batı Kipaş Paper Mill, the biggest investment in the Aegean Region after the Çanakkale Bridge. Noting that this strategic investment was supported by the government, Öksüz said, “This plant will prevents importof 300 million USD of papers as well as 200 million USD exports. So, the facility will contribute 5 million USD to lower the current deficit. The cost of the facility is nearly 550 million USD. In the Aegean region, we will produce medicine box papers with coatings and higher quality paper products which are not produced in Turkey. Now we are building the most eco-friendly facility with the best technology in the world.”