Laroche: A Strong Partner of Many Major Turkish Companies in the Nonwoven Industry

Laroche has been a strong partner for many major Turkish companies in the nonwoven and recycling industries for more than 30 years. The company provides a full range of engineering, development and support services for turnkey projects.

Laroche: A Strong Partner of Many Major Turkish Companies in the Nonwoven Industry

Laroche was established in 1926 is one of the world leaders in the field of fiber processing, textile waste recycling. For almost a century, Laroche has been a major player in the textile waste recycling field and is now focuses in new technologies for the recycling of post-consumer goods.

Government agencies and the media are reminding us daily of the need to preserve our environment and natural resources. This requires new technologies to be developed in the recycling sector. In the textile related industries, the current challenge is to invent industrially and economically viable solutions to recycle post-consumer products such as clothings, carpets, car seats, airbags, matresses…

Some recent examples:

Special lines now can open used clothings back into fibers whilst removing the metal and plastic contaminants. The fibers can then be airlaid and thermobonded into felts for the automotive, bedding and furniture industries.

Post-consumer carpets are now successfully recycled by an opening and cleaning process yielding fibers with a low enough ash content to be used as plastics or as the primary component of carpet underlays.

Old matresses can be deconstructed and the foam can be shredded into chips, the textile portion can be opened back into fibers and both can be airlaid and thermobonded back into components for new mattresses.

Serving Its Customers in More Than 70 Countries

In Cours-La Ville – France, a 2000 m² technical center equipped with the company’s latest technologies, allows to test and prove the technical solutions on industrial lines. Customers are welcome to use these facilities to develop their new products. The company serves highly satisfied customers in more than 70 countries.