LMW Exports Have Nearly Doubled

Bugün LMW adı, tüm dünyada yüksek kalitede iplik eğirme çözümleriyle birlikte anılıyor.

LMW Exports Have Nearly Doubled

Today the name LMW has become synonymous to high quality spinning solutions across the world. The company unveiled the future of spinning technology – Automation, Digitization and Sustainable manufacturing and received appreciation from customers.

LMW has a strong customer base in Turkey and installed around half a million spindles in Turkey. The company showcased its R&D capabilities, new products and innovations on the global platform at ITMA 2019.

LMW Global Vice President of Sales C.Arunachalam made statements to Tekstil Teknoloji Magazine about the ITMA 2019 Exhibition, company’s export figures and Turkey market.

The export trend showed a phenomenal growth over the previous year

LMW had a successful year as compared to the previous FY 2017-18. The export trend showed a phenomenal growth over the previous year. Technology being the key to LMW’s success in both Indian and global markets, LMW brought out various innovative products during the year and worked towards its three pillars – Automation, Digitization and Sustainability – with a greater focus on after sales.

LMW exports have nearly doubled as compared to the FY 2017-18. This shows the wide acceptance of LMW’s products in the international market. The key markets in which LMW witnessed higher growth include Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Kenya.

It is a good sign that the percentage of exports is growing Y-O-Y and the customers worldwide are accepting LMW as a brand to look upon for their spinning machinery needs. Recently in Adana (Turkey) LMW has supplied a complete project wherein the end to end solution was given and furthermore are lined up in the coming months. Currently exports sales contribute to more than 40% of the total revenue of LMW.

LMW Focuses on Automation, Digitization and Industry 4.0

At LMW the theme for the year 2019-20 is ‘Innovation in all spinning technologies combined with Automation & Digitisation’. Industry 4.0 is the core of the all the technologies that are offered.

LMW is offering preparatory machines with 1200 mm delivery can size. LMW card model LC636 is the wider width card well accepted across the globe. The company latest drawframe LDF3 is equipped with advanced features like auto piecing and lifetime greased end bushes, thereby reducing the labour requirement. The latest comber LK69 is equipped with servo drive for drafting. LMW’s suction compact ‘SPINPACT’ has been widely accepted across the globe. Also, our latest model Ringframe LRJ9SX is a gearless ringframe with the flexibility for producing normal and fancy yarns. The LMW range of spinning machines can cater to all types of fibres right from blowroom to ringframes and also to the new spinning technology ( Airjet). LMW machines are also well suited for the Open-End process. All its machines are Industry 4.0 compliant and the company offers SpinConnect to the factories for the Control Room Management concept in a spinning mill.

Turkey focus high value added segment

Turkish textile sector shifted its focus from low value added commodity items to high value added segment and fashionable clothing.  LMW’s machines are more suitable to adopt the change with its versatility in terms of the various types of fibers that they can handle, their blends and counts. Its spinning machines cater to a wide range of applications ranging from cotton, synthetics, blends and special fibres of grey and dyed varieties. The machines are also equipped to run varied counts.

Speaking about automation, which has of late become an important area, the fact that automation is one of the three pillars LMW is focusing.

“The Roving Transport System (RTS) ensures the automatic transportation of bobbin from speed frame to ring frame based on the requirement. The Lap Transport System (LTS) automates the transportation of lap to the combing system. These save a lot of manpower and deliver consistent quality due to lesser manhandling of bobbins. Auto-piecing in Ring frame displayed at ITMA was appreciated by all customers across globe.

Foray into new product segments

Recently LMW has attempted to emerge a one-stop solution provider by offering other allied solutions like Over Head Travelling Cleaner, Roving Transport System etc. LMW as an organisation wants to serve the customer with the complete end to end solutions. The major benefit to the customers in procuring the complete range from a single supplier would be in the seamless operations across processes and enhancing the productivity thereby.

Focus on aftersales support

Aftersales service and availability of spares has become a key differentiating factor in recent times, especially in overseas markets. To facilitate the easy processing of spare parts, LMW has come out with an innovative feature offering an array of benefits via the LMW e-Spares portal. The portal has round-the-clock login facility ensuring immediate booking and quicker dispatches.

“We offer the solution of ‘Remote Diagnosis’ wherein remote monitoring of the machine takes place, and it also helps in predictive maintenance. From the offline perspective, LMW has an excellent global presence with excellent service support and offers the widest range of products and Performance Enhancement Kit (PEK) offering complete solutions.

At the field level LMW has dedicated service professionals placed at Istanbul , Adana and Kahramanmaras to ensure maximum uptime of the machines and local spares hub at Kahramanmaras for faster delivery of parts.

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