LMW Wins CII’s ‘The Most Innovative Company Of The Year 2020’ Award

Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd, Textile machinery Division, won the CII’s Industrial Innovation Awards 2020. The award was presented by Professor Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary-DST and Kris Gopalakrishnan, Past President.

LMW Wins CII’s ‘The Most Innovative Company Of The Year 2020’ Award

Founded in 1962, Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) began its journey by manufacturing textile machinery for textile spinning. LMW has been consistently at the forefront of technological advancements in textile machinery. LMW has a major role as a totally integrated spinning system manufacturer.

LMW Focused on Innovation in Spinning Technologies in 2019-2020

At LMW the theme for the year 2019-20 was ‘Innovation in all spinning technologies combined with Automation & Digitisation’. Industry 4.0 is the core of the all the technologies that are offered.

LMW is offering preparatory machines with 1200 mm delivery can size. LMW card model LC636 is the wider width card well accepted across the globe. The company latest drawframe LDF3 is equipped with advanced features like auto piecing and lifetime greased end bushes, thereby reducing the labour requirement. The latest comber LK69 is equipped with servo drive for drafting. LMW’s suction compact ‘SPINPACT’ has been widely accepted across the globe. Also, our latest model Ringframe LRJ9SX is a gearless ringframe with the flexibility for producing normal and fancy yarns. The LMW range of spinning machines can cater to all types of fibres right from blowroom to ringframes and also to the new spinning technology ( Airjet). LMW machines are also well suited for the Open-End process. All its machines are Industry 4.0 compliant and the company offers SpinConnect to the factories for the Control Room Management concept in a spinning mill.

“The Roving Transport System (RTS) ensures the automatic transportation of bobbin from speed frame to ring frame based on the requirement. The Lap Transport System (LTS) automates the transportation of lap to the combing system. These save a lot of manpower and deliver consistent quality due to lesser manhandling of bobbins. Auto-piecing in Ring frame displayed at ITMA was appreciated by all customers across globe.

The Award Gives Companies the Opportunity to Promote Their Products Internationally

CII Industrial Innovation Awards were instituted in 2014 to identify and celebrate innovative Indian enterprises across industry segments and sectors. The Awards give an opportunity to companies to shine and be known nationally and internationally for their innovative products and services. In the last five consecutive years, these awards have established themselves as one of the most coveted innovation awards in the country.

The Awards evaluate all kinds of new processes, products, services, technologies, and other types of innovations which have the ability to fuel growth in industry.