Loepfe: Pioneer of Innovations in Optical Yarn Clearer

Since its establishment in 1955 by the brothers Helmut and Erich Loepfe, the company has been the pacesetter for innovation in textile quality control. Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements.

Loepfe: Pioneer of Innovations in Optical Yarn Clearer

The headquarter is in Wetzikon/ Switzerland where Loepfe employs approximately 150 employees. The production location Switzerland guarantees stability and reliability. Loepfe introduced weft feelers and weft stop motion- the first electronic sensors for looms at a time, when electronics itself was still in its infancy. The first electronic yarn clearers and a data management system contributed to the success.

In 1991, Loepfe developed the first yarn clearers YarnMaster, which was able to detect not only classic yarn defects but also foreign fibres as well as the first online classification of NSLT. The next breakthrough development was the online detection of yarn imperfections leading to an integrated laboratory. With the launch of the YarnMaster Zenit generation, the yarn clearers are now also able to clear synthetic foreign material like polypropylene.

The YarnMaster Zenit+, which has been introduced in 2014, is the successor of the successful yarn clearer, offers an user-friendly 15.6 inch wide touch-screes, completely new graphical user interface with a dashboard view of top ten cuts, trends over the last few days, all these useful information at a glance. Loepfe offers the new MillMaster TOP online data management system, which monitors and analyses the quality data from all Loepfe yarn clearers in a winding room in real-time.

The optical yarn defects sensor WeftMaster FALCON-i, for simple and reliable monitoring of all finest knots, filamentation, fluff, smallest thick places or capillary breaks on running threads. The thread can be monitored by using sensitivity levels, to be set manually or automatically. Automatic mode deter- mines the sensitivity level itself.

It is therefore possible to monitör the latest high-tech materials, e.g carbon, without problems with FALCON-i. Today, Loepfe is considered world-wide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. Fifty percent of the world-wide staple yarn production are monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers.

Loepfe lays the foundation for the international success of its textile quality assurance systems with sustainable products and individual customer service. Functional and future-oriented solutions offer added value for the customers.

Sustained state-of-the-art solutions and the possibility to order all spare parts reliably even after many years are key to successful service. Loepfe´s main markets are China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brazil. Loepfe has a well-coordinated sales network with about 90 representations in more than 70 countries.